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When You Encounter Herbal Delicacies 9621431433

萬里機構 Wan Li Book

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Title (English) : When You Encounter Herbal Delicacies 
Title (Chinese) : 遇見美味香草 
ISBN : 9621431433
Author / Translator : Max Chen
Publisher / Pub. Date : Wan Li Book / 2005/10/1
Pages / Size : 126Pages / 190mm (W) x 260mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series :



本書由奧勒岡、羅勒、百里香、迷迭香、胡荽、蝦夷蔥、肉桂、薄荷、香草蘭等9種香草製作出六十一種菜式, 分類包括沙拉、點心、米麵食、魚肉主菜、湯品、甜點, 並另外說明香草的種植及除了料理菜餚外, 香草的其他多種用途。




011  Assorted Vegetable Soup with Oregano
012  Green Apple Smoked Duck with Oregano Honey Mustard Dressing
014  Greek Salad with Oregano Oil Vinegar
016  Au Gratin Oregano Cheese Potato Pie
018  ltalian Style Pasta Meat Sauce
020  Mussel with Mediterranean Spices
022  Oregano, Ham and Cheese Pizza
028  Basil with Smoked Cheese and Tomatoes
030  Ground Meat with Basil and Eggplant
032  Basil with Cream Asparagus Linguine
034  Basil with Tomato and Seafood
036  Sizzling Squid with Basil Spicy Sauce
038  Thai Style Basil with Crisp Shrimp Cake
040  The Sword Bamboo Shoot of Tower Spicy Mixed Pork Sinew
042  Thai Style Basil Chicken Salad
044  Basil Salmon Rice Ball
045  Thai Style Basil Ginger Shrimp Soup
049  Thyme Tuna Salad in Bread
050  Thyme Beef Steak in Croissant
051  Baked Chicken with Thyme
052  Fresh Fish with Thyme and Fruit Salad
054  Whiskey Beef Lasagna
056  ltalian Ravioli with Thyme and Pumpkin Sauce
058  Alsaca Pig Feet and Sauerkraut
060  Creamy Clam Chowder with Thyme
062  Creamy Thyme Vegetable Rice
063  Thyme Fresh Fruit Green Tea
067  Rosemary Assorted Mushroom
069  Rosemary Steeps and Bakes The Assorted Vegetables
070  Pan Fride Sea Bass with Rosemary Cream Sauce
072  Proveovcale Rosemary Lamb Chop
073  Marinated Shrimp with Rosemary Cucumber Salad
074  Rosemary Fruit Tea
075  Smoked Salmon with Rosemary Vegetable
076  Pan Fried Tuna with Rosemary and Balsamico Dressing
081  Grilled Prok with Coriander
082  Cabbage Spring Roll with Cariander
084  Vietnam Style Spring Roll
086  Seafood and Green Bean Noodles with Coriander Salad
088  Thai Steam Fish with Coriander
090  Thai Style Coriander Flavor Fried Crab
091  Home Made Craft Fish Ball of Corianader
095  Fish Soup of Marseilles
096  Gratinated Scallop with Chives
098  Smoked Duck ' s Tower with Chive ' s Yam and Baby Tomato
099  Romeine Tuna Salad with Chive Anchove Dressing
100  Beef Roll with Mushroom and Chive
105  Beef Briskey Stwed with Cinnamon
106  Cinnamon Apple Group
107  French Fragrant Toast of Cinnamon Milk
108  Cinnamon Matrimony Vine Health Care Tea
109  Caramel Cinnamon Fruit Plate
113  Peppermint Fresh Fruit Almond Bean Curd in Syrup
114  Peppermint, Srawberry Yogurt
115  The Peppermint Chocolate Mousse
116  Peppermint Lemon and Prune Tea
117  Peppermint Orange Coconut Palm Jam
122  Vanilla Cheese
123  English Rice Pudding
124  Orange Vanilla Crepe
125  French Pudding



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Product Name : When You Encounter Herbal Delicacies 9621431433
Model : 9789621431431
Brand : 萬里機構 Wan Li Book
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 04 December, 2005
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