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100 Dim Sum & Snacks 9789888325191


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Information Below:
Dim sum & Snacks recipes
The recipes in this book are simply too good to resist and sure provoke an impulse to make them yourself!
 100 Dim Sum & Snacks 9789888325191  100 Dim Sum & Snacks 9789888325191  100 Dim Sum & Snacks 9789888325191
 100 Dim Sum & Snacks 9789888325191  100 Dim Sum & Snacks 9789888325191  100 Dim Sum & Snacks 9789888325191
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Title (English) : 100 Dim Sum & Snacks
Title (Chinese) : 100道鹹甜點心
ISBN : 9789888325191
Author / Translator : Mrs. Yip Woo Ying Yee
Publisher / Pub. Date : Forms Kitchen / 2015/10
Pages / Size : 264 Pages / 186mm (W) × 234mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series :  


About this book:

Hargow, Xiaolongbao, black sesame rolls, rice noodle roll with dried shrimps, sweet potato Jian Dui…

Imagine you can make them from scratch at home and serve them fresh! That's what I call happiness.

Experienced cooking teacher Ms. Woo specializes in kneading and shaping dough. With her skilful hands and unremitting passion, she re-invented traditional Cantonese steamed dim-sum, soup-filled dumplings, buns, chilled cakes and desserts, including sago dumplings with lotus seed paste filling rarely found in the market these days, alongside her very own original creations such as taro spring onion pancakes and honey-glazed pork jerky. The recipes are simply too good to resist and sure provoke an impulse to make them yourself!

A piping hot bun. A bowl of nourishing sweet soup. Sometimes it doesn't take much to let your dear friends and family feel loved. The taste of good old heart-warming food always does the trick.



8 Basic utensils for dim sum
10 Dough kneading techniques
12 Home-made lard from scratch
13 Using ready-made dumpling skin to save time
  Savoury dim sum
14 Shrimp Shaomai
18 Glutinous rice Shaomai
20 Pork Shaomai
21 Dumpling soup with shrimp filling
24 Xiangshan Fun Guo dumpling
28 Vegetarian Fun Guo dumpling
30 Chaozhou Fun Guo dumpling
33 Soup-filled dumpling
38 Mini glutinous rice dumpling in lotus leaf
42 Xiaolongbao (steamed mini pork buns)
46 Cantonese shrimp wantons
48 Cabbage and pork wantons
50 Steamed coriander dumpling
52 Hakka dumpling with black-eyed bean filling
55 Pea sprout and scallop dumpling
58 Char-siu bao (Steamed barbecue pork buns) Traditional version
64 Char-siu bao (Steamed barbecue pork buns) Easy version
66 Gyoza (Japanese pot-stickers)
68 Shanghainese pot stickers
70 Shanghainese sticky rice roll
72 Har Gow (Cantonese shrimp dumpling)
76 Steamed cloud ear shrimp dumpling
78 Har Gow with spinach skin
80 Bok choy and pork dumplings in stock
  Savoury snackS
82 Rice noodle roll with dried shrimps
85 Imitation shark's fin soup
88 Vietnamese spring rolls
91 Dace balls and glutinous rice balls in stock
94 Home-made honey-glazed pork jerky
96 Cold pork trotters in pickle brine
98 Spring onion pancake 
101 Beancurd skin roll with taro filling
102 Taro Spring onion pancakes
104 Beancurd skin sandwich with minced shrimp and wood ear
106 Radish skin and cloud ear fungus pickles
109 Chaozhou pan-fried dried radish cakes
112 Deep-fried chicken wings in nutty fruity soy sauce
114 Tempura squid tentacles and assorted veggies
116 Radish cake with preserved sausage and pork
119 Deep-fried mini twisted pretzels
122 Sesame shrimp toast
124 Ribbon glass noodles with shredded chicken
126 Samosa
128 Bacon and chive pancakes
130 Soy-marinated kohlrabi
132 Deep-fried wontons in sweet and sour sauce
135 Veggie and seafood pancakes
138 Tea-marinated eggs
140 Deep-fried bonito flakes in Thai dressing
142 Taro cake with preserved sausage and pork
144 Deep-fried cashews with dried whitebaits
146 Young ginger pickles
148 Chicken feet in sand ginger sauce
150 Sausage rolls
  Cake and sweet soup
152 The four coagulating agents
154 Pomelo konjac jelly
156 Double-steamed egg white milk custard in coconut
158 Red date and white fungus jelly
160 Velvety tofu dessert
163 Black sesame rolls
166 Double-steamed white fungus in coconut milk
168 Creamed mango, pomelo and sago jelly
170 Creamy black sesame sweet soup
172 Golden water chestnut cake
174 Sugar cane and water chestnut cake
176 Black-eyed bean and water chestnut layered cake
178 Double-steamed milk and egg white custard
180 Black glutinous rice with coconut milk and mango
182 Almond and walnut sweet soup
184 Double-steamed papaya with bird's nest and milk
186 Black sesame and coconut milk layered cake
189 Ginger coconut glutinous rice cake with black sugar
192 Chestnut sweet soup
194 Lychee panna cotta
196 Steamed cake with lotus seed paste
198 Honey green tea jelly
200 Ginger milk custard
202 Coconut milk cake with red bean filling
205 Steamed banana cake
208 Osmanthus jelly with Qi Zi
210 Coconut cream mousse
  Sweet snacks
212 Coconut milk noodles in mango puree
215 Sticky rice pancakes with red bean filling
218 Glutinous rice balls with peanut sesame topping
220 Deep-fried crunchy sesame balls
222 Sweet potato Jian Dui (Deep-fried glutinous rice sesame balls)
226 Jian Dui with black sesame filling
228 Pumpkin Jian Dui
230 Chinese crepe with sweet filling
232 Deep-fried red bean dumplings
234 Chocolate egg waffles
238 Coconut glutinous rice cake with red bean filling
240 Put Chai Ko with red beans (Steamed rice cake in bowls)
242 Yau Gok (Cantonese deep-fried oil dumplings)
246 Deep-fried crispy pancake with red bean filling
248 Glutinous rice balls in ground peanut flour
250 Sago dumplings with lotus seed paste filling
254 Steamed pumpkin cake
256 Candied banana fritters
259 Soufflé egg white balls with red bean filling




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Product Name : 100 Dim Sum & Snacks 9789888325191
Model : 9789888325191
Brand : 圓方出版社 FORMS KITCHEN
Shipping Unit : 6.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 15 February, 2016
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