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Home » Categories » ONLINE BOOKSTORE » FOOD & DRINK » Health » 9789882027329
Healthy Soup for Mild Illnesses 9789882027329

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Information Below:
Soup for Mild Illnesses
The book lists forty common mild illnesses, then analysis the causes through questions and answers.
 Healthy Soup for Mild Illnesses 9789882027329  Healthy Soup for Mild Illnesses 9789882027329  Healthy Soup for Mild Illnesses 9789882027329
 Healthy Soup for Mild Illnesses 9789882027329  Healthy Soup for Mild Illnesses 9789882027329  Healthy Soup for Mild Illnesses 9789882027329
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Title (English) : Healthy Soup for Mild Illnesses
Title (Chinese) : 湯到病除--戰勝小毛病160問 
ISBN : 9789882027329
Author / Translator : Cheung-man Mak
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2011/7
Pages / Size : 186 Pages /175mm (W) × 215mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 麥鐘文保健食療


About this book:

Occasional headache, dark circles, stomach discomfort after meals, cold hands and feet for long time, facial swelling after waking up, all these minor problems although do not seriously affect the daily life, but always let you upset. The book lists forty common mild illnesses, then analysis the causes through questions and answers to deepen your health knowledge. The soup recipes will help you to self-conditioning these illnesses. Once you understand more about these illnesses, all the related problems can be prevented at an early stage.




8 Hair Whitening/ Loss : Lotus Roots Soup with Walnuts and Black Beans
12 Dandruff
14 Headache : Pork Soup with Lotus Leaves and Qi Zi
18 Dizziness/ Weakness : Catfish, Qi Zi and Black Beans Soup
22 Meniere's Disease : Tian Ma and Chicken Soup
26 Insomnia : Pork Soup with Dried Lily Bulbs and Buds
30 Anxiety Disorder : Clams Soup with Dried Lily Bulbs and Dang Shen
34 Neurasthenia : Pig's Heart Soup with Black Dates and Rose Buds
38 Forgetfulness : Dried Oysters Soup with Black Beans and Walnuts
42 Dark Circles : Black Fungi, Dang Shen and Red Dates 'l'ea
46 Dry Eyes : Pork soup with job's Tears and Che Qian Cao
50 Tinnitus : Squab Soup with Walnuts and IIuang Qi
54 Nosebleed : Pork Soup with Dried Figs and Couch Crass Roots
58 Allergic Rhinitis : Pork Soup with White Fungi and Dried Lily Bulbs
62 Nonallergic Rhinitis : Pork Soup with Bai and Dried Yam
66 Cracked Lips : Pears and White Fungi Sweet Soup
70 Aphthous Ulcer : Sliced Pork Soup with Watermelon Peel and Liquorice
74 Halitosis : Sliced Pork Soup with Bcancurd and Osmanthus
78 Toothache : Grass Carp Fillet Soup with Lettuce and White Turnip
82 Polydipsia : Liquorice and Dried Scallop Tea
86 Cough : Pears Soup with Chuan Bei Mu and Candied Dates
90 Sore Throat : White Turnip Soup with liquorice and Water Chestnuts
94 Huskiness : Pang 1)a Hai, Qian Cheng Zhi and liquorice Tea
98 Cold : Grass Carp Fillet Soup with Roots of Kudzu Vine and Chinese Coriander
102 Lentigo : Chinese Celery juice with Honey
106 Pimple : Pork Slices Soup with Water Chestnuts and White Turnip
110 Stomachache : Pork Soup with Dried Lily Bulbs and Dried Figs
Stomachache : Pork Soup with Cuttlefish Bone and Red Dates
116 Plenitude : Pig's Stomach Soup with Chinese Marrow and Dang Shen
120 Food Stagnation : Sliced Pork Soup with Papaya and Leaf Mustard
124 Anorexia/ Bulimia : Hawthorn, Quail and White Turnips Soup
128 Diabetes : Pig's Pancreas Soup with Bitter Melon and Dried Yarn
132 Chronic Diarrhea : Soup with Garlic and Dried Lily Buds
136 Constipation : Chinese Cabbage, Sweet Almonds and Dried Figs Soup
140 Enuresis : Dried Oysters Soup with Dried Yam and Fox Nuts
144 Nocturia : Dang Shen, Bei Qi, Dried Oysters and Black Beans Soup
148 Pre-menstrual Syndrome : Chicken Soup with Black Fungi, Walnuts and Dang Shen
152 Climacteric Syndrome : Fish Maw, Walnuts and Lotus Seeds Soup
156 Cold Limbs : Chicken Breast Soup with Carrot and Spinach
160 Dry Skin : Pears, Almonds and Luo Han Guo Tea
164 Hypertension : Beancurd Soup with Dried Scallops, Chinese Celery and Tomatoes
168 High Blood Lipid/ Cholesterol Level : Chicken Soup with Eggplant and Garlic
172 Obesity : Chicken Soup with Winter Melon and Dang Shen
176 Eczema : Mung Beans Soup with Water Spinach and Liquorice
180 Edema : Crucian Carp, Garlic and Winter Melon Soup




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Product Name : Healthy Soup for Mild Illnesses 9789882027329
Model : 9789882027329
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 5.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 28 December, 2011
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