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Gifts to my Karen - Soups & Love 9789888103201


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Information Below:
Karen's Family soup recipes
These soup recipes effectively prevent diseases, strengthen the body and beautify the skin.
 Gifts to my Karen - Soups & Love 9789888103201  Gifts to my Karen - Soups & Love 9789888103201  Gifts to my Karen - Soups & Love 9789888103201
 Gifts to my Karen - Soups & Love 9789888103201  Gifts to my Karen - Soups & Love 9789888103201  Gifts to my Karen - Soups & Love 9789888103201
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Title (English) : Gifts to my Karen - Soups & Love
Title (Chinese) : 莫文蔚嫁妝湯譜
ISBN : 9789888103201
Author / Translator : Daddy Mok & Auntie Mok / Jay Lowe
Publisher / Pub. Date : Forms Kitchen / 2011/7
Pages / Size : 136 Pages / 185mm (W) × 235mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series :  




About this book:

The family soup recipes of the Moks were passed down from generation to generation as a keepsake. They effectively prevent diseases, strengthen the body and beautify the skin.

These recipes are like the guardian angels that have been watching out for the Moks all along.

When someone from the family gets married, he/she will be given a copy of this precious family treasure. Daddy Mok and Auntie Mok now share their family secret with every woman, just like a dowry for the bride.

It is a wish for good health - a gift that lasts till the end of time. Pass it on to your children and make it your own family treasure.



8 Yellow eel soup
10 Deer sinew soup with Du Zhong and large dales
12 Duck and conch soup
15 Pork shin soup with pears and figs
18 Pork brain soup with walnuts
20 Pork rib soup with five colour beans
22 Pork shin soup with green radish, carrot and wood ear fungus
25 Pork rib soup with walnuts and dried longans
28 Double-steamed hasmoswet soup with red dates
30 Learn pork soup with white fungus and pumpkin
32 Pork shin soup with large dates and Dong Shen
35 Teal soup with fish maw, cordyceps flowers and Shi Hu
38 Pork shin soup with lotus seeds and longans
40 Duck soup with Mai Deng and raw Di Huang
42 Prawn soup with fish maw and shiitake mushrooms
46 Conch soup with dried longans
48 Pork kidney and lotus root soup
50 Qing Bu Liang soup
53 Lamb soup with black glutinous rice
56 Conch soup with Fu Ling
58 Lean pork sours with carrot and sweet corn
60 Deer sinew and Daug Gui soup
63 Fish head and tofu soup
66 Dried Bok Choy soup with malt
68 Tilapia and papaya soup with assorted beans
70 Pork shin soup with cannabis seeds and liquorice
74 Polk rib soup with kelp, angled luffa and mung beans
76 Lean pork soup with figs and almonds
78 Prawn soup with straw and shiitake mushrooms
80 Lean pork soup with Tian Qi
82 Pork rib soup with winter melon and candied dates
85 Lean pork soup with Luo Han Guo, barley and malted wheat
88 Winter rnelon and lean pork
92 Dryness-defying duck soup for autumn
94 Pork kidney soup with lychee seeds
96 Qing Bu Liang soup with Ba Ji
99 Tian Qi Chicken soup
102 Duck soup with salted lemon and loqual seeds
106 Lean pork Tian Qi soup
109 Pork rib soup with Nu Zhen Zi and Du Zhong
112 Pork shoulder rib soup with burdock and radish
114 Pig pancreas and corn silk soup
117 lean pork soup with hyacinth beans and Tu Fu Ling
120 Pork rib soul with lotus seeds and lily bulbs
122 Fish head soup with Tian Ma and Chuan Xiong
124 Niu Da Li and sugar cane soup
128 Rice wine with dried tangerine peel



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Product Name : Gifts to my Karen - Soups & Love 9789888103201
Model : 9789888103201
Brand : 圓方出版社 FORMS KITCHEN
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 29 October, 2011
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