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Cantonese Cuisine 9789882026735

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Information Below:
Cantonese Cuisine
All recipes are explained in details accompanied by insightful tips for all chefs and readers.
 Cantonese Cuisine 9789882026735  Cantonese Cuisine 9789882026735  Cantonese Cuisine 9789882026735
 Cantonese Cuisine 9789882026735  Cantonese Cuisine 9789882026735  Cantonese Cuisine 9789882026735
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Title (English) : Cantonese Cuisine
Title (Chinese) : 粵菜八十式
ISBN : 9789882026735
Author / Translator : Yau-cheong LAW
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2010/7
Pages / Size : 192 Pages / 210mm (W) × 260mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series :  


About this book:

Known to the world as the food paradise, Hong Kong boasts a vibrant restaurant scene serving up a wide array of international cuisines from almost any corner of the world. Among its myriad of epicurean styles, Cantonese cuisine tops the list as the most popular and familiar one. Cantonese food features a variety of ingredients and endless variations that taste crunchy, smooth and refreshing at the same time.

This cookbook is organized into different sections according to different cooking methods, namely steamed and double-steamed; stir-fried; simmered, stewed and braised; seared and deep fried; grilled and baked recipes. All recipes are explained in details accompanied by insightful tips for all chefs and readers. A couple of chapters are devoted to banquet dishes and nostalgic classics, perpetuate the time-honoured tradition.

With his over 40 years of professional experience, Master chef Law Yau-cheong is currently the Catering Director of the Hong Kong & Kowloon Restaurant and Cafe Workers General Union Vocational (Day/Night) School. He has been appointed a Specialist by Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications. He demonstrated all Cantonese recipes in this book for his readers.




2 Preface 102 Deep fried battered oysters
3 Introduction 104 Sweet and sour pork 
106 Deep fried Bombay ducks with chilli and spiced salt
Steamed and double-steamed dishes 108 Peking pork ribs
7 Steamed custard buns 110 Pan fried large prawns in ketchup sauce
10 Steamed egg custard with dried scallops 112 Diced beef with candied walnuts
12 Steamed grass carp with Mei Cai 114 Deep fried wafer rolls with chicken and shrimp filling
14 Duck feet beancurd skin roll 116 Oil poached shrimps in light glaze
17 Fish tripe stuffed with minced shrimps 118 Oil poached beef in oyster sauce
20 Steamed pork patty with salted fish 120 Amalaka (Deep fried mashed potato dumplings)
22 Steamed prawns with spicy bean sauce and grated garlic 122 Stir fried noodles with shredded chicken 
24 Steamed eggplant with garlic duo
26 Steamed freshwater turtle on lotus leaf Grilled and baked dishes
28 Steamed sliced beef with Zha Cai and straw mushrooms 125 Roast duck
30 Steamed Shaomai dumplings  128 Roast pork skewers with chicken liver
32 Steamed duck with plums  130 Barbecued pork in honey glaze
34 Double-steamed winter melon urn 132 Salt baked chicken in Cantonese style
36 Double-steamed pork rib soup with watercress, almonds and dried tangerine peel
38 Double-steamed chicken soup with fresh ginseng Nostalgic classics
40 Double-steamed egg white custard with hasma and red dates in smoked coconut 135 Steamed chicken with shiitake mushrooms and ham
138 Double-steamed Eight-treasure squab
Stir-fried dishes  140 Steamed chicken wings stuffed with ham
43 Stir fried squab meal in crab roe sauce 142 Steamed Pipa tofu with shark's fin
46 Stir fried rice noodles with beef 144 Braised pork belly with taro
48 Fried rice in pineapple boat 146 Steamed salted pork trotter with sea cucumber
50 Stir fried egg white with crabmeat 148 Stir fried egg white with chicken
52 Five-colour stir fried pork 150 Medium prawns in spiced salt
54 Stir fried cuttlefish with baby sweet corn and asparagus 152 Fried grass carp in five-pickle sweet and sour sauce
154 Creamed peanut sweet soup with lotus seeds
Simmered and stewed dishes
57 Chicken in Shaoxing wine Banquet dishes
60 Roast pork belly with tofu and chives 157 Whole roast suckling pig
62 Winter melon soup with asparagus, bamboo fungus and straw mushrooms 160 Braised marrow rings stuffed with dried scallops
64 Seafood tofu soup 162 Stir-fried prawns and chicken in taro nest
66 Braised fish head with eggplant 165 Sliced abalone on sea cucumber
68 Beef short ribs with onion in black pepper sauce 168 Deep fried crab claws wrapped in minced shrimp
70 Conger-pike eel with pickled mustard greens in Chiuchow style 170 Shark's fin soup with bamboo fungus
72 Stewed chicken with chestnuts 172 Steamed garoupa
74 Stewed garoupa with tofu and vegetables 174 Deep fried crispy chicken
76 Stewed beef brisket in Chu Hou sauce 176 Fried rice in duo sauces 
78 Stewed beef brisket in Chu Hou sauce  178 Braised E-fu noodles
80 Fish head stew in casserole 180 Red bean sweet soup with lotus seeds and lily bulbs
82 Assorted vegetables, seafood and mung bean vermicelli in casserole 181 Chinese petit fours
84 Beech mushrooms in abalone sauce
86 Shiitake mushrooms and broccoli in dried scallop sauce 184 Kitchen tools 
88 Assorted seafood in fisherman style 185 Correct posture and grip
186 Basic cutting skills
Shallow-fried and deep-fried dishes 187 Recipes of soup bases
91 Taro and shrimp toast 188 Recipes of common sauces 
94 Baby oyster omelette in Chiuchow style
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Product Name : Cantonese Cuisine 9789882026735
Model : 9789882026735
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 5.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 18 October, 2011
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