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Budget Tonics 9789882026902

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Information Below:
Health Tonics Recipes
Serving the right tonic in the right season cuts the medical bill.
 Budget Tonics 9789882026902  Budget Tonics 9789882026902  Budget Tonics 9789882026902
 Budget Tonics 9789882026902  Budget Tonics 9789882026902  Budget Tonics 9789882026902
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Title (English) : Budget Tonics
Title (Chinese) : 慳家滋補
ISBN : 9789882026902
Author / Translator : Lisa Yam
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2010/7
Pages / Size : 96 Pages / 185mm (W) × 215mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 方太私房筆記

About this book:

Health is everyone's most important asset. People are willing to spend big bucks on steeply priced herbal tonics, but not many of them are aware of the nourishing property of some inexpensive and seemingly commonplace ingredients.

Lisa Yam collected over 40 health tonic recipes from different places. None of them have expensive fancy herbs in them, but they work magic in building a good foundation for good health.

Serving the right tonic in the right season cuts the medical bill. That's why it's also a frugal way to run a household.


6 Storing herbal medicine 
7 The inexpensive health boosters
Folkloric Tonics
9 American Ginseng Milk with Tian Qi
10 Haw and Green Papaya Drink
12 Gou Teng Tea
14 Dried Longans and Ling Zhi Tea
16 Lime with Honey and Garlic
18 Braised Rice with Grated Ginger and Garlic
20 Apple and Crocodile Meat Soup
22 Pork Lung Soup with Dang Shen
24 Double-steamed Frogs in Coconut
26 Millet Congee with Sea Cucumber
Daily Nourishment
29 Snakehead Fish Bones and Tofu Soup
30 Pueraria Root and Raw Di Huang Soup
32 Snow Frog Jelly Thick Soup with Minced Pork
34 Chicken Offal and Cloud Ear Fungus Soup
36 Jellyfish Heads in Mature Vinegar
38 Steamed Snakehead Fish Slices
40 Steamed Egg Custard with Snow Frog Jelly and White Fungus
42 Simmered Carp with Glutinous Rice Filling
44 Stir Fried Yellow Eel with Chinese Chives
46 Simmered Frogs with Ginger and Spring Onion
48 Steamed Pork Cheek and Dried Whitebaits in Fermented Baby Shrimp Paste
50 Fried Beef Liver in Steak Sauce
Tonics for Women
53 Dang Gui Soup with Large Dates and Hard-boiled Egg
54 Dried Longans Tea with Brown Sugar and Mature Ginger
56 Poached Egg with Distillers' Rice Grains
58 Steamed Pork Potty with Pork Liver
60 White Fungus Sweet Soup with Dried Persimmon and Eggs
62 Snow Frog Jelly and Lotus Seeds Sweet Soup
64 Fish Maw Sweet Soup with White Fungus
66 Pork Liver and Qi Zi Soup
68 Tilapia and Egg Drop Soup
70 Chicken and Distillers' Rice Grains in Glutinous Rice Wine
72 Braised Yellow Eel and Rice with Sliced Pork
Therapeutic Recipes
75 Radish Sweet Drink
76 Mature Ginger and Egg Drop Soup
78 Double-steamed Tianjin Pear with Chuan Bei and Honey
80 Jellyfish Head Soup with Water Chestnuts
82 Ji Gu Coo Tea with Candied Dates
84 Tian Ma Drink with Large Dates
86 Mature Ginger and Shen Qu Tea
88 Apple Paste
89 Double-steamed Bananas with Rock Sugar
90 Brandy and Coke Drink
92 Noodles with Dan Dou Chi and Spring Onion


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Product Name : Budget Tonics 9789882026902
Model : 9789882026902
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 3.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 28 September, 2011
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