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Healthy Soups for Mother-To-Be 9789882027169

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Information Below:
Soup recipes for pregnant women
Chiu Sang has thoughtfully designed 48 nourishing soups and teas that are great for pregnant women.
 Healthy Soups for Mother-To-Be 9789882027169  Healthy Soups for Mother-To-Be 9789882027169  Healthy Soups for Mother-To-Be 9789882027169
 Healthy Soups for Mother-To-Be 9789882027169  Healthy Soups for Mother-To-Be 9789882027169  Healthy Soups for Mother-To-Be 9789882027169
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Title (English) : Healthy Soups for Mother-To-Be
Title (Chinese) : 準媽媽必備湯方
ISBN : 9789882027169
Author / Translator : Chiu Sang
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2010/12
Pages / Size : 136 Pages / 155mm (W) × 215mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 每週一煲湯

About this book:

The Cantonese always value soups. Good soups are especially important during pregnancy and confinement after childbirth.

With over 30 years of clinical experience, Chinese herbalist Chiu Sang has thoughtfully designed 48 nourishing soups and teas that are great for pregnant women and women after childbirth. These are not only day-to-day tonifying soups, but also remedies which alleviate many common discomforts. Chiu also solves the queries and clarifies fallacies of most moms-to-be, letting mothers have a worry-free and healthy pregnancy as well as the confinement after delivery.

Simply by drinking nice soups will stabilize your pregnancy and nourish your postpartum weak body, you will be the fittest mom who takes great care of your baby!


010 Common herbal ingredients
014 FAQs on diet during pregnancy
017 FAQ on daily life during pregnancy
020 Recommended food for pregnancy
048 Uncovering the fallacies of taboos regarding pregnancy diet
Daily Soups for Pregnancy
022 Green Papaya and Conch Soup
024 Tortoise Shell Soup with Seahorse and Mai Men Dong
026 Sea Otters Soup with Dried Longans and Figs
028 Lotus Roots, Ox Bones and Dried Figs Soup
030 Duck Gizzard and Chayotes Soup
032 Pork Stomach Soup with Black Peppercorns and Pickle
034 Mature Pigeon Soup with Indian Gooseberry and Pear
036 Stonefish Soup with Chicken and Tian Ma
038 Nori Seaweed Soup with Fish Dumplings and Radish
040 Apple Soup with Deng Xin Hua and Red Kidney Beans
042 White Fungus, Coconut and Chicken Soup
044 Fish Soup with Thousand-year Egg and Beancurd
046 Gingkoes, Water Chestnuts and Job's Tears Soup
Tonics for Symptoms during Pregnancy
050 Antiemetic Soup for Qi boosting
052 Antiemetic Soup for Blood-tonifying
054 Antiemetic Soup for Yin-nourishing
056 Antiemetic Soup for Yang-nourishing
058 Restorative Soup
060 Soup for Qi-boosting and Kidney-strengthening
062 Soup for Qi-circulating and Blood-invigorating
064 Soup for Back-strengthening
066 Remedy for Relieving Constipation
068 Remedy for Relieving Edema
070 Dormitive Tea
072 Remedy for Common Colds during Pregnancy
074 Soup for Gestational Diabetes
076 Remedy for Hypertension
Confinement After Childbirth
080 FAQs on postpartum diet
082 FAQ on postpartum daily life
084 Recommended food for women after childbirth
108 Uncovering the fallacies of taboos regarding confinement after childbirth
130 Postpartum exercises
Daily Soups for Confinement After Childbirth
086 Fish Maw and Korean Ginseng Soup
088 Conch Soup with American Ginseng and Bei Qi
090 Stewed Chicken Soup with Korean Ginseng and Lu Rong
092 Lean Pork Soup with Mai Men Dong and Tai Zi Shen
094 Lean Pork Soup with Lu Rong and Bei Qi
096 Pigeon Soup with Salted Lemon
098 Conch and Black-skinned Chicken Soup with Dang Shen
100 Pork Trotter Soup with Chestnuts and Shou Wu
102 Mutton Soup with Dang Gui and Red Dates
104 Green Papaya Soup with Dried Octopus and Peanuts
106 Soft-shelled Turtle Soup with Huai Shan and Qi Zi
Tonics for Symptoms After Childbirth
110 Remedy for Postpartum Back Pain
112 Tea for Relieving Engorgement of Breasts
114 Soup for Relieving Postpartum Constipation
116 Soup for Easing Depression
118 Soup for Postpartum Hypertension
120 Soup for Relieving Swollen Ankles
122 Tea for Breast Milk Reabsorption
124 Soup for Recovery
126 Tea for Weight Loss
128 Tea for Removing Fat and Postpartum Belly



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Product Name : Healthy Soups for Mother-To-Be 9789882027169
Model : 9789882027169
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 3.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 06 June, 2011
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