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Secrets of Perfect Chinese Stewing 9789621439376

萬里機構 Wan Li Book

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Information Below:
Perfect Chinese Stewing recipes
This book can broaden your understanding about "shao" , and you will be able to master stewing after trying out these recipes!
 Secrets of Perfect Chinese Stewing 9789621439376  Secrets of Perfect Chinese Stewing 9789621439376  Secrets of Perfect Chinese Stewing 9789621439376
 Secrets of Perfect Chinese Stewing 9789621439376  Secrets of Perfect Chinese Stewing 9789621439376  Secrets of Perfect Chinese Stewing 9789621439376
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Title (English) : Secrets of Perfect Chinese Stewing
Title (Chinese) : 燒一手好菜
ISBN : 9789621439376
Author / Translator : Angela Cheng
Publisher / Pub. Date : Food Paradise Publishing co., an imprint of Wan Li Book Co Ltd. / 2008/12
Pages / Size : 110 Pages / 212mm (W) × 200mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series :  


About this book:

There are three attributes of "shao" : flavorful, convenient, and good for storage. Traditionally "shao" is flavored with soy sauce, sugar, and wine. Actually it can be expanded unlimitedly by utilizing other seasonings and spices such as ketchup, curry, chili sauce, or vinegar. Other aromatic ingredients such as green onion, garlic and green garlic or those western or south-east Asian herbs can also enhance and determine the flavor of a dish.




P.6 Stewed Fish with Green Onions
P.8 Stewed Fish Slice, Japanese Style
P.10 Stewed Fish with Pickled Mustard Green
P.12 Salmon with Tomato & Mushroom Sauce
P.14 Stewed Fish with Hot Bean Paste
P.16 Fish with Coconut Milk & Curry Sauce
P.18 Stewed Grass Carp with Black Bean Sauce
P.20 Stewed Prawns with Spicy Sauce
P.22 Sea Cucumber with Spicy & Sour Sauce
P.24 Seafood with Tomato Sauce
P.26 Stewed Turnip & Squid with Curry Sauce
P.28 Stewed Pork & Chinese Yam with Garlic Sauce
P.30 Stewed Pork with Cuttlefish
P.32 Stewed Pork Chop with Green Onion
P.34 Braised Meatballs with Chinese Cabbage
P.36 Stuffed Fried Tofu with Pork
P.38 Stewed Pork Foot with Cabbage
P.40 Japanese Style Curry Stew
P.42 Braised Spareribs with Onions
P.44 Stewed Ribs with Fungus
P.46 Sweet & Sour Pork Spareribs
P.48 Spicy Hot Pot
P.50 Stewed Pork Tendon with Pork & Celery
P.52 Braised Beef with Onion & Tomatoes
P.54 Stewed Beef & Tendon, Szechuan Style
P.56 Stewed Beef with Miso Sauce
P.58 Stewed Beef with Vegetables
P.60 Stewed Chicken with Mushrooms in Casserole
P.62 Curry Chicken with Chinese Yam
P.64 Stewed Chicken Wings with Bacon
P.66 Stewed Chicken with Konnyaku
P.68 Stewed Chicken with Fried Tofu
P.70 Chicken Steak with Vinaigrette
P.72 Tofu Noodles with Pork & Shrimp
P.74 Dried Tofu Circles with Pickled Mustard Green
P.76 Minced Pork with String Beans
P.78 Cooked Turnip with Tempura
P.80 Stewed Chinese Cabbage with Dried Shrimp
P.82 Stewed Bitter Gourd with Dried Fish
P.84 Hot Gogs with Tomato Sauce
P.86 Sweet & Sour Seaweed Knots
P.88 Tomato with Cauliflower
P.90 Stewed Bean Noodles with Loofah
P.92 Ma Po's Tofu
P.94 Stewed Tofu with Assorted Ingredients
P.96 Tofu with Black Bean Sauce
P.98 Cooked Eggplant with Miso Sauce
P.100 Stewed Pork with Assorted Vegetables
P.102 Stewed Frozen Tofu with Fungus
P.104 Stewed Mushroom with Wheat Gluten




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Product Name : Secrets of Perfect Chinese Stewing 9789621439376
Model : 9789621439376
Brand : 萬里機構 Wan Li Book
Shipping Unit : 3.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 18 January, 2010
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