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Home » Categories » ONLINE BOOKSTORE » FOOD & DRINK » Homemade Dishes » 9789628955503
Money Saving Ingredients, Cook Easy 9789628955503

嘉出版 Characters Publications

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Price HKD$69


Information Below:
Homemade dishes
 Money Saving Ingredients, Cook Easy 9789628955503  Money Saving Ingredients, Cook Easy 9789628955503  Money Saving Ingredients, Cook Easy 9789628955503
 Money Saving Ingredients, Cook Easy 9789628955503  Money Saving Ingredients, Cook Easy 9789628955503  Money Saving Ingredients, Cook Easy 9789628955503
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Title (English) : Money Saving Ingredients, Cook Easy
Title (Chinese) : 食盡其材慳家菜
ISBN : 9789628955503
Author / Translator : 三姐 / Sweelian Ng
Publisher / Pub. Date : Characters Pub / 2008/12
Pages / Size : 160 Pages / 165mm (W) × 210mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese / Indonesian
Series : 食譜系列


P.2 The Chef
P.3 Preface
P.14 Chinese Spinach and Sweet Potato in Stock
P.15 Chinese Spinach and Minced Pork with XO Sauce
P.17 Crispy Fried Water Melon
P.18 Pork Cubes with Honeydew
P.19 Braised Salted Chicken with Winter Melon
P.20 Tri-Coloured Melon Skin and Conch Soup
P.21 Lotus Root and French Bean with Salted Pork
P.24 Beef Fillet with Celery and Mango
P.25 Celery, Black Fungus and Red Date Soup
P.28 Prawns with Assorted Fruits
P.29 Braised Shanghai Noodles with Assorted Mushrooms
P.32 Hakka Stuffed Bean Curd
P.33 Braised Radish with Fish Belly Bones
P.36 Assorted Mushrooms with Vegetable
P.37 Salted Egg Yolk and Scallop Fried Rice
P.40 Cheesy Broccoli and Cauliflower
P.41 Beef with Persimmon
P.44 Salted Pork with Flowering Chive and Silver Sprout
P.45 Chive and Prawn Omelette
P.48 Baked Bean Curd with Chicken Liver
P.49 Clay Pot Rice with Egg White and Bean Curd
P.52 Braised Sea Cucumber with Chinese Mushroom and Bean Curd
P.53 Braised Young Pigeon with Mushroom Pork Balls
P.56 Dace Balls with Water Cress and Tomato
P.57 Pan-fried Minced Pork and Water Cress Dumplings
P.60 Steamed Pan-fried Silver Carp with Salted Fish
P.61 Steamed Carp Intestine with Egg
P.64 Clay Pot Chicken with Spices
P.66 Pan-fried Sea Bream with Spices
P.67 Plum Wine Chicken Inner Organs
P.70 Braised Mustard Green with Pork Knuckle Bone and Mussels
P.72 Braised Pumpkin with Pork Knuckle
P.73 Rice Topping with Japanese Pumpkin and Prawns
P.76 Eight-Flavour Stuffed Dace
P.77 Braised Dace Bone with Pomelo Skin
P.80 Wine Flavoured Kale and Lily Bulb with Squid
P.82 Dried Oyster Bean Curd Sheet Rolls
P.83 Steamed Egg with Diced Shrimps and Kale
P.86 Fried Egg White with Soy Milk
P.87 Sesame and Bean Dreg Patties
P.90 Boss Clay Pot Rice
P.91 Clay Pot Crispy Toasted Rice
P.93 Hot Pot Mutton Stew
P.94 Orange Juice Veal Ribs
P.95 Lemon Chicken 
P.98 Geoduck with Silver Sprout and Yellow Chive
P.100 Geoduck Gut Soup with Radish and Carrot
P.101 Bean Curd Custard with Fish Fillet
P.102 English Recipe
P.130 Recipe
P.160 "Cooking Friends' Club" Application Form
P.94 Chicken Soup with Sea Horse
P.96 Abalone Soup with Huai Shan, Chinese Wolfberry and Bamboo Fungus
P.98 Double-Boiled Young Pigeon with Korean Ginseng
P.100 Double-Boiled Chicken with Durian
P.102 Lean Pork Soup with Huang Jing
P.104 Pork Bone Soup with Red Dates and Dang Shen
P.106 English Resep
P.131 Resep
P.160 "Cooking Friends' Club" Application Form



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Product Name : Money Saving Ingredients, Cook Easy 9789628955503
Model : 9789628955503
Brand : 嘉出版 Characters Publications
Shipping Unit : 3.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 08 December, 2009
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