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Fifty Dollars for a Fabulous Meal 9789882026308

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Information Below:
Lisa Yam's Fabulous Meal
In this book, culinary expert Lisa Yam shows you how to churn out a delectable dinner within a budget of fifty Hong Kong dollars.
 Fifty Dollars for a Fabulous Meal 9789882026308  Fifty Dollars for a Fabulous Meal 9789882026308  Fifty Dollars for a Fabulous Meal 9789882026308
 Fifty Dollars for a Fabulous Meal 9789882026308  Fifty Dollars for a Fabulous Meal 9789882026308  Fifty Dollars for a Fabulous Meal 9789882026308
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Title (English) : Fifty Dollars for a Fabulous Meal
Title (Chinese) : 平靚煮一餐
ISBN : 9789882026308
Author / Translator : Lisa Yam
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2009/5
Pages / Size : 112 Pages / 185mm (W) × 215mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 方太與亞玲

About this book:

It is always not easy to come up with a substantially different dinner menu every day. Not to mention doing so under a tight budget.

In this book, culinary expert Lisa Yam shows you how to churn out a delectable dinner within a budget of fifty Hong Kong dollars. All dinner menus include 2 dishes and 1 soup and are guaranteed to be nutritious, quick, easy and enough to feed a family of four. You can even improvise your own variations by following Lisa's secret tricks.

On top of that, every recipe comes with a Q & A section between Lisa and her domestic helper Ah Ling so that you learn more about the reason behind each step and particular details that need your attention. From now on, making an enjoyable dinner on a shoestring doesn't necessarily stress you out.


Tonics on a budget
10 Introduction of thrifty herbs
12 Dried pear soup with white fungus and Yu Zhu
13 Lean pork soup with Chuan Bei and dried lily bulbs
14 Chicken soup with Bei Qi Zhong and Ba Ji
15 Pork tail soup with Du Zhong and Ba Ji
Money saving menus
Money saving menus 1
18 Shredded salted chicken
20 Braised chicken in Portuguese sauce
22 Chayote and chicken bone soup
Money saving menus 2
24 Fried egg omelette with dried shrimp and minced dace
26 Deep-fried fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce
28 Angled luffa and egg-drop soup
Money saving menus 3
30 Steamed golden pompano in fermented black bean sauce
32 Steamed pork with preserved shrimp paste
34 Pork pancreas soup with Bok Choy
Money saving menus 4
36 Scrambled egg with Chinese chive and dried shrimp
38 Simmered pork belly with sweet Mei Cai
40 Golden threadfin soup with tomato and potato
Money saving menus 5
42 Beancurd and dried baby shrimp
44 Steamed chicken wing with cloud ear fungus and dried day lily flower
46 Pork liver, Ju Qi and Qi Zi quick soup
Money saving menus 6
48 Salt-fried small jack mackerel
50 Stir-fried beef and onion
52 Beancurd and coriander thick soup
Money saving menus 7
54 Stir-fried chicken with bell pepper and spring onion
56 Lotus root in fermented tarocurd sauce
58 Pork bone soup with lotus root and water chestnut
Money saving menus 8
60 Steamed egg beancurd custard with assorted vegetable
62 Stewed fish belly and beancurd skim stick in casserole
64 Beef and spinach soup
Money saving menus 9
66 Stir-fried string bean with dace strip 
68 Fried veal ribs with steak sauce
70 Assorted vegetable soup
Money saving menus 10
72 Steamed dace belly with shiitake mushroom and salted kohlrabi
74 Braised egg stuffed with minced pork and Chinese celery
76 Wintermelon soup with dried mussel and dried shrimp
Money saving menus 11
78 Stir-fried mung bean vermicelli and minced pork
80 Fried pork chop in soy sauce 
82 Dace ball and assorted mushroom in casserole
Money saving menus 12
84 Stir-fried squid and celery
86 Steamed beef patty with Dong Cai
88 Pork hock soup with green radish and carrot
Money saving menus 13
90 Pan-fried file fish
92 Braised tomato with beef
94 Chicken feet soup with shiitake mushroom
Money saving menus 14
96 Chicken hot pot rice with preserved Chinese sausage
98 Stir-fried kale and shiitake mushroom in ginger sauce
100 Fish jaw soup with beancurd
Money saving menus 15
102 Braised beancurd with pork and shiitake mushroom
104 Stewed pork belly with radish
106 Mustard green soup with pork belly



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Product Name : Fifty Dollars for a Fabulous Meal 9789882026308
Model : 9789882026308
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 3.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 07 December, 2009
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