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Five Elements Healthy Soup 9789628955770

嘉出版 Characters Publications

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Information Below:
Chinese Healthy Soup Recipes
There are 100 soup recipes in this book for healthy body.
 Five Elements Healthy Soup 9789628955770  Five Elements Healthy Soup 9789628955770  Five Elements Healthy Soup 9789628955770
 Five Elements Healthy Soup 9789628955770  Five Elements Healthy Soup 9789628955770  Five Elements Healthy Soup 9789628955770
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Title (English) : Five Elements Healthy Soup
Title (Chinese) : 馬菁岐博士—五行養生湯水
ISBN : 9789628955770
Author / Translator : Dr. MAHR Ching-Ki, Frances
Publisher / Pub. Date : Characters Pub / 2009/7
Pages / Size : 176 Pages / 153mm (W) × 220mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese / Indonesian
Series :  


P.2 The Chef
P.3 Foreword
  Wood Element — Soup for Cleansing Liver and Soothing Gall Bladder
P.18 Black Bean Soup with Lotus Root and Baby Pigeon
P.20 Chinese Yam, Goji, Du Zhong and Quail Soup
P.21 Spinach and Pig's Liver Soup
P.22 Chinese Yam, Cordycep, Goji and Mutton Soup
P.22 Goji and Lean Pork Soup
P.23 Lotus Root, Goji and Lean Pork Soup
P.23 Huang qi, Red Date and Lean Pork Soup
P.24 Dried Longan Aril, Chinese Yam, Goji and Turtle Soup
P.26 Shu Di, Huang Jing and Beef Bone Soup
P.27 Huai Hua, Chrysanthemum and Crucian Carp Soup
P.28 Liver Enriching and Emotions Calming Soup
P.28 Goji and Pig's Liver Soup
P.29 Black Bean, Goji, Sha Shen and Pig's Liver Soup
P.29 Angled Loofah and Lean Pork Soup
P.30 Dried Longan Aril, Goji and Quail's Egg Sweet Soup
P.32 Sheng Di, Goji and Pork Bone Soup
P.32 Goji and Beef Liver Soup
P.33 Tian Ma, Goji and Lean Pork Soup
P.33 Lentil, Winter Melon and Quail Soup
P.34 Chestnut, Lotus Root and Chicken Soup
  Fire Element — Soup for Nourishing Heart, Blood and Qi
P.38 Sha Shen, Yu Zhu, Lean Pork, Pig's Heart and Lung Soup
P.40 Heart Nourishing and Qi Enriching Soup
P.41 Old Ginger and Pork Bone Soup
P.42 Ginseng, Huang Qi and Pork Bone Soup
P.42 Sheng Di, Red Date, Lotus Root and Pork Bone Soup
P.43 Black Bean, Black Date and Pig's Tail Bone Soup
P.43 Yunnan Ham, Bean Curd and Pork Bone Soup
P.44 Dang Shen, Chinese Yam, Goji and Chicken Soup
P.46 Shou Wu, Red Date and Beef Soup
P.47 Small Red Bea, Lentil and Crucian Carp Soup
P.48 Tian Ma, Goji and Pig's Brain Soup
P.48 Dan Shen, Hawthorn and Pig's Heart Soup
P.49 Sea Weed, Black Fungus and Pig's Heart Soup
P.49 Black Fungus, Bean Curd and Fish Tail Soup
P.50 Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Black Fungus and Chicken Soup
P.52 Dried Lily Flower, Winter Melon, Radish and Fish Tail Soup
P.52 Tangerine peel, Sea Weed, Radish and Lean Pork Soup
P.53 Dang Shen and Catfish Soup
P.53 Sea Cucumber, Duck and Chinese Celery Soup
P.54 Walnut, Yu Zhu and Beef Soup
  Earth Element — Soup for Strengthening Spleen and Enriching Qi
P.58 Chinese Yam, Goji, Tian Ma and Lean Pork Soup
P.60 Chinese Mushroom, Dang Shen and Lean Pork Soup
P.61 Chestnut, Goji and Lean Pork Soup
P.62 Yunnan Ham, Almond, Silver Fungus and Bean Curd Soup
P.62 Lotus Seed, Lily Bulb and Pork Shank Soup
P.63 Chinese Yam and Lean Pork Soup
P.63 Qian Shi, Lotus Seed and Pork Shank Soup
P.64 Chinese Yam, Pig's Pancreas and Lean Pork Soup
P.66 Hawthorn and Beef Soup
P.67 Dried Longan Aril and Pig's Heart Soup
P.68 Black Fungus, Red Date and Lean Pork Soup
P.68 Qian Shi, Spinach and Lean Pork Soup
P.69 Dang Shen, Bei Qi, Chinese Yam and Lean Pork Soup
P.69 Small Red Bean, Dang Shen, Sea Cucumber and Lean Pork Soup
P.70 Chinese Yam, Small Red Bean and Chicken Soup
P.72 Fu Ling, Lentil, Hairy Gourd and Lean Pork Soup
P.72 Mushroom, Ginger and Lean Pork Soup
P.73 Chinese Yam, Lotus Seed and Beef Soup
P.73 Red Date, Spring Onion and Lean Pork Soup
P.74 Chinese Yam, Sha Ren and Pig's Stomach Soup
  Metal Element — Soup for Clearing Lungs and Dispelling Heart
P.78 Ginseng, Papaya and Pork Rib Soup
P.80 Chinese Yam, Dang Shen, Lotus Seed, Lily Bulb and Lean Pork Soup
P.81 Sea Weed, Mussel and Lean Pork Soup
P.82 Yunnan Ham, Winter Melon, Lean Pork and Egg Drop Soup
P.82 Watermelon and Lean Pork Soup
P.83 Dang Shen, Winter Melon, Barley and Chicken Soup
P.83 Red Date, Bean Curd Skin, Dried Bokchoy and Lean Pork Soup
P.84 Prawn, Bean Curd and Chicken Soup
P.86 Pumpkin and Beef Soup
P.87 Lotus Seed, Chinese Almond, Chinese Yam and Lean Pork Soup
P.88 Goji, Lily Bulb and Lotus Seed Sweet Soup
P.88 Red Date, Silver Fungus, Lotus Seed and Lily Bulb Sweet Soup
P.89 Preserved Vegetable, Bean Curd and Fish Head Soup
P.89 Fu Ling, Shi Hu and Spinach and Pork Rib Soup
P.90 Cordycep, Dang Shen and Turtle Soup
P.92 Apple, Snow Pear and Snakehead Fish Soup
P.92 Chinese Pear and Hawthron Sweet Soup
P.93 Chestnut, Chinese Mushroom, Jellyfish and Chicken Soup
P.93 Lotus Leaf, Winter Melon and Lean Pork Soup
P.94 Gingko, Chinese Almond, Bean Curd Stick and Fish Soup
  Water Element — Soup for Nourishing Yang and Enriching Kidney
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Product Name : Five Elements Healthy Soup 9789628955770
Model : 9789628955770
Brand : 嘉出版 Characters Publications
Shipping Unit : 3.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 03 November, 2009
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