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Home » Categories » ONLINE BOOKSTORE » FOOD & DRINK » Bread » 9789882026254
Hong Kong Memorable Bakery 9789882026254

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Price HKD$65


Information Below:
Hong Kong Memorable Bakery> Hong Kong Bakery Cookbook
The author let us go on a nostalgic journey and revisit the fragrance and sweetness buried deep in our psyche.
 Hong Kong Memorable Bakery 9789882026254  Hong Kong Memorable Bakery 9789882026254  Hong Kong Memorable Bakery 9789882026254
 Hong Kong Memorable Bakery 9789882026254  Hong Kong Memorable Bakery 9789882026254  Hong Kong Memorable Bakery 9789882026254
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Title (English) : Hong Kong Memorable Bakery
Title (Chinese) : 回憶的味道 - 港式老飽餅
ISBN : 9789882026254
Author / Translator : Lai Lik Keung
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2009/4
Pages / Size : 112 Pages / 185mm (W) × 214mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Hardcover / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 名師系列


About this book:

Pastry chefs turn ordinary ingredients like eggs, flour, sugar and butter into countless sweet and savoury treats by a sleight of hand. Sesame Rolls, White Sugar Steamed Sponges, Cocktail Buns and Deep Fried Egg Balls are commonly served on the streets and in Chinese teahouses and Western cafes alike. They keep Hong Kong people company through the good and bad times. They form an indispensable part of our collective memory.




6 Basic ingredients
9 Basic method of bread-making
  Buns, ice parlour style
13 Pineapple bun
16 Mexican bun
18 Oat and raisins bun
20 Hong Kong style Baguette
22 Salty soft bun
24 Cocktail bun
27 Dried shredded coconut bun
30 Chicken pie
32 Fluffy paper-wrapped cake
34 Coconut tart
36 Doughnut in Hong Kong style
38 Deep-fried egg ball
  Buns and cakes, a la teahouses
43 Steamed roasted pork and taro roll
46 Steamed bun stuffed with sesame paste
48 Mini chicken bun
50 Steamed glutinous rice roll
52 Crispy glutinous puff with pork and yam
54 Deep-fried soft with red bean filling
56 Deep-fried sesame ball
58 Crispy puff with sesame and peanut filling
61 Crispy puff in maltose syrup
64 Black sesame roll
66 Sago cake with red bean paste
  Street-side snacks
70 Deep-fried dough
72 Ox tongue dough
74 Mini egg ball waffle
76 Grid pancake
78 Egg roll
80 Mini high-rise cake
82 Red bean puff pastry
84 Clay bowl rice pudding
86 White sugar steamed sponge
88 Red bean tea cake
90 Agar-agar cake with egg
  Festive cakes and pastries
95 Assorted nuts wedding cake
98 Lotus seed paste wedding cake
100 Mung bean paste and egg yolk wedding cake
102 Thousand-year egg puff pastry
104 Chinese sponge cake
106 Olive seed and walnut cookie
108 Traditional mooncake




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Product Name : Hong Kong Memorable Bakery 9789882026254
Model : 9789882026254
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 3.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 25 August, 2009
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