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Juices.Teas.Smoothies 9789881930187


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Information Below:
60 ways to great health
There are sixty juices, teas and smoothies in this book helping you to drink your way to great health.
 Juices.Teas.Smoothies 9789881930187  Juices.Teas.Smoothies 9789881930187  Juices.Teas.Smoothies 9789881930187
 Juices.Teas.Smoothies 9789881930187  Juices.Teas.Smoothies 9789881930187  Juices.Teas.Smoothies 9789881930187
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Title (English) : Juices.Teas.Smoothies
Title (Chinese) : 果汁.茶.特飲
ISBN : 9789881930187
Author / Translator : Winnie Chu
Publisher / Pub. Date : Forms Kitchen / 2008/7
Pages / Size : 136 Pages / 152mm (W) × 235mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series :  輕怡美食


About this book:

There are sixty juices, teas and smoothies in this book. The colourful and delectable drinks included here are also nutritious and therapeutic. For an easy detox, a gentle facelift, or even a healthy weight, just pick the right ingredients and make yourself a drink.




P.4 Keys to a perfect glass of juice
P.5 Taste and mouthfeel profiles
Detox regime in a glass
P.10 Prune smoothie with wheat germ
P.12 The 3-green blend
P.14 The 5-green blend
P.16 Yakult cucumber drink
P.18 Mung bean tea with job's tears and watermelon peel
P.20 Prune and apple puree with aloe
P.22 Banana soybean milk with black sesames
P.24 Strawberry soybean milk with yoghurt
P.26 Watermelon, cucumber and honeydew melon blend
Drinkable skincare
P.30 Papaya milk smoothie
P.32 Ginger Oolong tea
P.34 Starfruit and pear juice
P.36 Carrot apple juice with lemongrass
P.38 Honey passionfruit drink
P.40 Lavender rose tea
P.42 Tomato watermelon juice
P.44 Spicy tomato juice
P.46 Triple floral tea
P.48 Hibiscus tea with haw and liquorice
P.50 Tomato pineapple juice
P.52 Chrysanthemum green tea with Chinese wolfberries
P.54 Pineapple bitter melon juice
P.56 Mountain begonia and haw drink
P.58 Lemon job's tear tea
P.60 Blueberry pineapple juice
P.62 Brown rice tea with black beans
P.64 Walnut sesame milkshake
P.66 Strawberry lemongrass smoothie
P.68 The 3-jujube tea
Preventive & Remedy
P.72 Soybean milk with red dates and black sesames
P.74 Carrot beetroot juice with celery
P.76 Peach orange juice
P.78 Banana cranberry milkshake
P.80 Mint lemon tea
P.82 Triple berry blend
P.84 Guava bellfruit juice
P.86 Orange herbal tea
P.88 Pomelo mango smoothie
P.90 Soy milk shake with wheat germ, pumpkin and lily bulb
P.92 Grapefruit juice with celery and fennel
P.94 Citrus carrot blend with honey
P.96 Watermelon and Chinese celery juice
P.98 Dragon fruit and pear juice
P.100 Spring onion ginger tea
P.102 Avocado flaxseed drink
P.104 Watermelon soybean milk
P.106 Luo Han Guo tea with dried tangerine peel
P.108 Orange and lime juice with lime zest
P.110 Energizing citrus blend
P.112 Dan Shen green tea
P.114 Honey chamomile tea
P.116 Blueberry and orange smoothie
P.118 Dan Shen and honey drink
P.120 Creamed white fungus sweet soup with Huai Shan
P.122 Papaya mango yoghurt smoothie
P.124 Sang Ji Sheng Tea with wood ear and black beans
P.126 Green tea orange smoothie
P.128 Apple and pear juice with ginger
P.130 Mint orange fizz
P.132 Triple red blend




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Product Name : Juices.Teas.Smoothies 9789881930187
Model : 9789881930187
Brand : 圓方出版社 FORMS KITCHEN
Shipping Unit : 3.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 03 May, 2009
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