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Chinese Buns 9789621439628

萬里機構 Wan Li Book

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Information Below:
Chinese Buns Recipes
Chef Lee selected more than 50 recipes of Chinese buns which aim at meeting the needs of households.
 Chinese Buns 9789621439628  Chinese Buns 9789621439628  Chinese Buns 9789621439628
 Chinese Buns 9789621439628  Chinese Buns 9789621439628  Chinese Buns 9789621439628
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Out of Print!  PLEASE DON’T ORDER!  For Reference Only!


Title (English) : Chinese Buns
Title (Chinese) : 全包點
ISBN : 9789621439628
Author / Translator : Lee Chun Leung / Sa
Publisher / Pub. Date : Wan Li Book / 2009/2
Pages / Size : 128 Pages / 183mm (W) × 260mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 名師出高徒


About this book:

With 40-years' experience in Dim Sum kitchen, Chef Lee selected more than 50 recipes of Chinese buns as examples in this cookery book.  These Chinese buns aim at meeting the needs of households and letting them to make nice buns at home. 



P.2 Foreword
P.4 Preface
I. Relationship between Sour Dough and Chicese Bun
P.8 1.  Sour Dough
P.9 2.  Varieties of Bun Dough
II. Bun Workshop
P.14 1.   "Cha Shiu" Bun with Honey Sauce
P.16 2.   Double-boiled Pork Belly and Preserved Choy Sum Bun
P.18 3.   Vegetable and Meat Bun with Brown Sugar
P.20 4.   Bi-preserved Chinese Sausage Bun
P.22 5.   Hometown Glutinous Rice Roll
P.24 6.   Glutinous Rice Bun in Sichuan Style
P.26 7.   Taro and Roasted Pork Belly Roll
P.28 8.   Chicken Mini Bun with Ginger Juice
P.30 9.   Traditional Cantonese Big Bun
P.32 10. Chicken Bun with Fresh Chinese Yam Rhizome
P.34 11. Paddy Spike-shapped Bun
P.36 12. Mixed Grains Bun
P.38 13. Buckwheat and Pumpkin Bun
P.40 14. Chinese Evergreen Vegetarian Bun
P.42 15. Lotus Seed Paste Bun in Peach-shaped and Peking Style
P.44 16. Steamed Lotus Seed Paste and Egg Yolk Bun
P.46 17. Steamed Lotus Seed Paste Mini Birthday Bun
P.48 18. Ham and Five Nuts Bun
P.50 19. Pumpkin and Purple Rice Bun (Pumpkin with Purple Rice and Coconut Milk)
P.52 20. Steamed Egg Custard Bun
P.54 21. Rose Red Bean Paste Bun
P.56 22. Sesame Paste Bun
P.58 23. Soya Milk Bun
P.60 24. Xi Shi Vegetarian Bun
P.62 25. Pumpkin and Egg Custard Bun
P.64 26. Phoenix's Eye Chocolate Bun
P.66 27. Seafood and Shark's Fin Bun in Japanese Style
P.68 28. Black and White Sesame Bun
P.70 29. Orange Bun
P.72 30. Chinese Date Paste Bun in Buddhist Hand-shapped
Shallow-fried & Depp-fried
P.74 1.   Pan-fried Peking Scallion Bun
P.76 2.   Lamb Bun
P.78 3.   Water-boiled Pork Bun
P.80 4.   Deep-fried Chinese Bun with Coconut Aroma
P.82 5.   Golden and Silver Roll
P.84 6.   Cream Taro Bun
P.86 7.   Five Spices and Bean Paste Bun
P.88 8.   Chinese Scallion Golden Cake
P.90 9.   Sesame Glutinous Rice Roll
P.92 10. Egg Yolk Lotus Bun
P.94 11. Mango Duck Bun
P.96 1.   Mexican Green Tea Bun
P.98 2.   Pineapple Puff Bun
P.100 3.   Baked "Cha Shiu" Bun
P.102 4.   Sesame Vegetarian Chicken Bun
P.104 5.   Chinese Scallion Roast Duck Bun
P.106 6.   Shredded Coconut Egg Custard Bun
P.108 7.   Ham, Tomato and Egg Bun
P.110 8.   Rendang Beef Bun
P.112 9.   Onion Pork Chop Bun
P.114 10. Bacon Taro Paste Bun
P.116 11. Curry Chicken Bun
P.118 12. Walnut Paste
P.120 13. Egg Yolk Coconut Puff Bun
P.122 14. Butter Bread
P.124 15. Baked Chicken Roll
P.126 III. Fillings and Ingredients Gallery
P.127 IV. An Introduction to Equipment




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Product Name : Chinese Buns 9789621439628
Model : 9789621439628
Brand : 萬里機構 Wan Li Book
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 04 April, 2009
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