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Festival Recipes for Fun 9621420016

萬里機構 Wan Li Book

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書名(中文) : 親子節日食譜
書名(英文) : Festival Recipes for Fun  
國際書號 ISBN : 9621420016
作者 / 譯者 : 岑淑嫻
出版商 / 出版日期 : 萬里機構 / 2002/6
頁數 / 尺寸 : 118頁 / 103 mm (闊) x 210 mm (高)
裝幀 / 印刷用色 : 平裝 / 四色
語文 : 繁體中文 / ENGLISH
叢書 :  



本書以17個中西節日為主題,用文字和兒童漫畫講出節日來源,加上中英對照的食譜,菜式簡單易做又美味,再附以“父母絮語”和 “童心童語”,由父母子女道出對節日的感受。 


P.1 Forward
P.5 Spring Festival
P.6 1. Red Dates Cakes 
P.8 2. Smiling Doughnuts
P.10 3. Sweet Twists with Assorted Candies
P.12 4. Steam Carrot Cakes
P.14 5. Long Cabbage Parcels
P.16 6. Sweet Glutinous Rice with Dried Fruit
P.19 Spring Lantern Festival
P.20 1. Mini Glutinous Rice Balls with Fresh Fruit
P.22 2. Crispy Sweet Corn Dumplings
P.25 Valentine Day
P.26 1. Pasta Shells with Chicken
P.28 2. Mini French Toast
P.31 April Fool's Day
P.32 1. Strawberry Trifle
P.34 2. Ice-cream Cone Cakes
P.37 Children's Day
P.38 1. Jolly Jelly Sticks
P.40 2. Banana Chocolate Muffins
P.43 Ching Ming Festival
P.44 1. Oat Meal Pancakes
P.46 2. Citron Jelly
P.49 Easter
P.50 1. Hot Cross Buns
P.52 2. Meringue Worms
P.55 Dragon Boat Festival
P.56 1. Steam Rice Cake with Beans
P.58 2. Mini Sweet Osmanthus Rice Dumplings
P.61 Mothers' Day
P.62 1. Celery with Tuna Salad
P.64 2. Bread Pudding with Peach
P.67 Fathers' Day
P.68 1. Asparagus Beef Rolls
P.70 2. Apple Crumbles
P.73 Seven Sisters' Festival
P.74 1. Sesame and Coconut Cake
P.76 2. Pineapple and Coconut Pies
P.79 Mid-autumn Festival
P.80 1. Crystal Cake with Chestnut Puree
P.82 2. Taro Balls in Sweet Potato Soup
P.85 Teachers' Day
P.86 1. Muffin Pizzas
P.88 2. Peach and Pear Mousse
P.91 Chung Yeung Festival
P.92 1. Steamed Vegetable Bun
P.94 2. Chrysanthemum Jelly
P.97 Halloween
P.98 1. Pumpkin Raviolis with Creamy Sauce
P.100 2. Chocoloate Kisses
P.103 Winter Solstice Festival
P.104 1. Dumplings with Sesame Paste
P.106 2. Fried Turnip Cakes
P.109 Christmas
P.110 1. Popping Rice Balls  
P.112 2. Windmill Pastries with Apricot
P.114 3. Gingerbread Cookies
P.116 4. Christmas Puddings


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Product Name : Festival Recipes for Fun 9621420016
Model : 9789621420015
Brand : 萬里機構 Wan Li Book
Shipping Unit : 2.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 02 November, 2005
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