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Home » Categories » ONLINE BOOKSTORE » FOOD & DRINK » Health » 9789882025462
Stay Forever Young 9789882025462

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Price HKD$88


Information Below:
Eating for Anti-Ageing
This book aims at introducing the precautions to be taken from youth to improve the life quality of elderly.
 Stay Forever Young 9789882025462  Stay Forever Young 9789882025462  Stay Forever Young 9789882025462
 Stay Forever Young 9789882025462  Stay Forever Young 9789882025462  Stay Forever Young 9789882025462
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Title (English) : Stay Forever Young
Title (Chinese) : 防病抗老調理天書
ISBN : 9789882025462
Author / Translator : Chung-man Mak
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2008/5
Pages / Size : 186Pages / 175mm (W) × 215mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Soft Cover / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 麥鐘文保健食療

About this book:

Birth, youth, middle age and old age are the stages everyone has to go through in life. At middle age. the bodily functions start to decline. Although it is inevitable, there are some ways to retard the process of ageing. Once you understand the mechanism of ageing and pay attention to your diet, after a period of time, you can build up your body. The sooner you start this, the bigger chance you can succeed. Problems like failing memory, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, blurred vision, greying hair, poor quality of the skin, getting fat, unsatisfactory sex life. etc, can all be prevented at an early stage.


12 The Signs of Getting Old Avoid High Cholesterol Levels
22 Eating Tips for Anti-ageing 111 Know More about Cholesterol
24 Suitable Food 114 Lower Cholesterol Levels – Eggplants
115 Lower Cholesterol Levels – Tea Leaves
Invigorate the Brain
29 Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease Protect the Eyes
30 Food for Invigorating the Brain 119 Food for Protecting the Eyes
34 Walnut, Haw and Chrysanthemum Drink 120 Matrimony Vine Leave and Pig's Liver Soup
36 Stir Fried Dried Lily Flowers and Pig's Kidney 122 Chrysanthemum Tea
38 Stewed Banana with Rock Sugar 124 Ginseng and Chrysanthemum Tea
40 Winter Melon Balls in Red Wine
42 Dried Longan and Qi Zi Congee Protect the Hair
44 Steamed Dried Scallops and Eggs 127 Food for Protecting the Hair
46 Spring Onion Root Tea 128 Simmered Pork with Shou Wu and Walnuts
48 Apple Macaroni
50 Soybean and Sparerib Soup Improve the Skin Problems
131 Factors Affecting the Skin
Prevent and Cure Osteoporosis 133 Chinese Medical Facial Mask
53 Know More about Osteoporosis 134 Job's Tear and Lily Bulb Congee
54 Black Bean and Pig's Tail Soup
56 Vegetarian Soup Keep the Body Light
137 Methods of Losing Weight
Tips for Longevity 138 Food for Losing Weight
59 Food for Longevity 142 Job's Tear and Small Red Bean Congee
62 Stewed Peanuts and Black Beans 144 Winter Melon Tea
64 Red Date, Oatmeal and Sesame Porridge 146 Cold Cucumbers
66 Chestnut and Chicken Pot 148 Stir Fried Chinese Yam, Mixed Vegetables and Chicken
68 Job's Tear Rice 150 Bamboo Shoot Congee
70 Vegetable Salad with Honey 152 Potato Salad
72 Stir Fried Pine Nuts and Shrimps 154 Simmered Black Moss Broth
74 Dried Longan and Red Date Drink 156 Cold Black Fungi
158 Oatmeal Rolls
Prevent and Cure Cancer
77 Food for Preventing and Curing Cancer Improve the Sex Life
82 Simmered Zhu Sheng and Asparagus in Soup 161 How to Prevent Impotence?
84 Baked Eggplants with Garlic 162 Treating Kidney Deficiency
86 Steamed Chinese White Cabbage and Dried Shrimps 165 Food for Improving the Sex Ability
88 Stir Fried Black Mushrooms and Shredded Vegetables 168 Stewed Quails with Dried Yam and Qi Zi
90 Carrot, Corn and Sparerib Soup 170 Mutton and Deep Fried Beancurd Sheets in Pot
92 Stir Fried Corn and Vegetarian Shrimps 172 Simmered Sea Cucumbers in Huang Jing Sauce
94 Japanese Sea Bass in Kiwi Fruit Sauce 174 Dried Mussel Congee
96 Cold Shredded Kelp 176 Steamed Shrimps and Eggs
98 Cabbage in Sour Sauce
100 Lily Bulb, Dried Tangerine Peel and Pear Drink Working and Resting at Regular Times
102 Tomato, Soybean Sprout and Sparerib Soup 179 Common Factors of Insomnia
182 Three Steps to Do before Sleep
Soothe High Blood Pressure
105 Food for Soothing High Blood Pressure
106 White Fungus and Rock Suger Broth
108 Onion and Tuna Salad    

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Product Name : Stay Forever Young 9789882025462
Model : 9789882025462
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 17 January, 2009
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