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What's the Baby Eat Today 9789628955381

嘉出版 Characters Publications

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Information Below:
Baby recipes
Recipes for 4 to 24 month old baby.
 What's the Baby Eat Today 9789628955381  What's the Baby Eat Today 9789628955381  What's the Baby Eat Today 9789628955381
 What's the Baby Eat Today 9789628955381  What's the Baby Eat Today 9789628955381  What's the Baby Eat Today 9789628955381
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Title (English) : What's the Baby Eat Today
Title (Chinese) : BB今日食D乜
ISBN : 9789628955381
Author / Translator : 毛毛媽咪 / Sweelian Ng
Publisher / Pub. Date : Characters Pub / 2007/11
Pages / Size : 224 Pages / 149mm (W) × 190mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese / Indonesian
Series : 健康生活系列


P.2 The Chef
P.3 Foreword
P.8 Tools
Recipes for 4-6 Month Old Baby 
P.14 Basics of Making Fruit Puree
P.16 Basics of Making Fruit Juice
P.18 Basics of Making Vegetable Puree
P.20 Basics of Making Congee
P.22 Banana and Milk Rice Puree
P.24 Cauliflower and Apple Puree
P.26 Pear and Green Pea Puree
Recipes for 7-9 Month Old Baby 
P.34 Basics of Making Meat Puree
P.36 Black Sesame Congee with Carrot and Minced Pork
P.40 Fish Congee with Fresh Chinese Yam and Candied Date
P.44 Duck Kidney Congee with Fresh Lily Bulb and Spinach
P.48 Broccoli and Egg Yolk Congee
P.50 Sweet Corn and Fish Rice Puree
P.52 Avocado and Chicken Rice Puree
P.54 Peach and Sweet Potato Rice Puree
P.56 Onion and Pumpkin Soup
P.58 Sugar Cane and Lalang Grass Soup with Water Chestnut and Papaya
P.60 Carrot Soup with Corn Silk and Barley
P.62 Fish Soup with Bean Curd and Potato
Recipes for 10-12 Month Old Baby 
P.70 Basics of Making Mushy Rice
P.72 Basics of Making Pasta
P.74 Noodles with Carrot and Pork in Soy Milk Soup
P.76 Italian Minestrone Ring Pasta
P.80 Mushy Rice with Taro and Chicken
P.82 Bean Curd and Chicken Burger
P.86 Baked Fish Fillet Macaroni with Raisins
P.90 Mixed Bean Congee
P.92 Rice Noodles with Meat and Vegetable Wonton
P.96 Baked Potato with Cheese and Brocoli
P.98 Mushy Rice with Onion, Potato and Pig's Liver
P.100 Mushy Rice with Spinach and Fish
P.102 Mushy Rice with Choy Sum and Lean Pork
P.104 Green Pea and Chicken Alfabeto
P.106 Star Pasta with Pumpkin and Yogurt
P.108 Minced Pork Couscous with Tomato and Eggplant
P.110 Blueberry Yogurt Muffin
P.114 Raisin and Banana Bread Pudding
P.116 Brown Rice Orange Cookie
P.120 Quail Soup with Carrot, Green Radish and Sweet Corn
P.122 Double-Boiled Snow Pear with Chuan Bei
P.124 Papaya Soy Milk Shake
P.126 Banana Honeydew Yogurt Drink
Recipes for 13-24 Month Old Baby 
P.134 Scrambled Egg with Pancake
P.138 Oatmeal with Milk and Mixed Fruits
P.140 Strawberry Cheese Sandwich
P.142 Vegetable and Fish Soup Udon
P.144 Vegetable and Chicken Noodles
P.148 Minced Meat Pasta with Tomato and Onion
P.150 Okra and Chicken Macaroni
P.152 Chicken and Button Mushroom with White Sauce
P.154 Braised Bean Curd with Salmon and Sweet Corn
P.158 Steamed Egg with Minced Meat and Tomato
P.160 Beef with Sweet Pea and Baby Corn
P.164 Rice with Chicken and Chinese Mushroom
P.168 Cheese and Beef Patties
P.170 Banana cake
P.174 Wheat Germ and Lean Pork Soup with Fig and Gu Ya
P.176 Pork Shank Soup with Sweet Corn and Dried Persimmon
P.182 Resep
P.224 "Cooking Friends' Club" Application Form




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Product Name : What's the Baby Eat Today 9789628955381
Model : 9789628955381
Brand : 嘉出版 Characters Publications
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 24 October, 2008
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