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Occasion Desserts 9789621435477

萬里機構 Wan Li Book

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Price HKD$88


Information Below:
Party Desserts Recipes
This book places much emphasis on small desserts, the main idea is to bring out the special, bold and creative feeling.

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Title (English) : Occasion Desserts
Title (Chinese) : 宴會派對甜點
ISBN : 9789621435477
Author / Translator : Fiona Fong / Louisa Yuen, J Chan
Publisher / Pub. Date : Wan Li Book / 2007/8
Pages / Size : 128 Pages / 210mm (W) × 255mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 甜絲絲


About this book:

Every festival has its own meaning. Each dessert scatters splendor and increases the attractiveness of a festive party. This book places much emphasis on small desserts, especially the "Wedding" part, in order to bring out the romantic feeling; in "Halloween" part, the main idea is to bring out the special, bold and creative feeling.



P.2 Foreword
  Do You Know "Petit fours" ?
P.6 (1)The Story of "Petit fours"
P.10 (2)The Differences between "Petit fours" and "Mignardise"
P.10 (3)Is There Any Standard for "Petit fours" ?
P.12 (4)How Should You Prepare Occasion Desserts ?
  Preparation for Your Desserts
P.14 (1)Introduction to Common Cooking Equipment
P.16 (2)Indispensable Desserts Ingredients
  Basic Processing Techniques
P.20 (1)Moulding Technique:Strawberry Chocolate Cup
P.22 (2)Rolling Technique:Log Cake
P.24 (3)Setting Technique:Orange Mousse
P.26 (4)Kneading Technique:Pastry
  Welcome to the Fantastic Dessert World
P.30 Cherry in Small Champagne Glass
P.32 Peach Custard
P.34 Strawberry Swiss Roll
P.36 Mini White Chocolate Horn
P.38 Green Tea and Peach Mousse
P.40 Rose Peach Yoghurt Glass
P.42 Strawberry Cheese Cake
P.44 Warm Molten Chocolate Cake with Nuts
P.46 Double Chocolate Crispy Cake
P.48 Happy Chinese New Year Chocolate Cup
P.50 Orange Cheese Cake
P.52 Strawberry Bean Curd Custard
P.54 Lucky Souffle
P.56 Happy Chinese New Year Cashew Nut Cookies
P.58 Snow Mountain Lemon Tart
P.60 Enchanting Pink Lady
P.62 Strawberry Chocolate Heart
P.64 Orange Mousse
P.66 Pineapple and Apple Jelly
P.68 Raspberry Custard Mini Pastry
P.70 Espresso Glass
P.72 Rosy Lady
P.74 Bubble Coconut Milk with Chocolate
P.76 Strawberry Pudding
P.78 Chocolate Cup with Ice-cream
P.80 Mango and Chocolate Mousse Egg
P.82 Chocolate Pudding
P.84 Little Stars
P.86 Chocolate Crunchy
P.88 Bear Chocolate Cake
P.90 Chocolate with Mixed Nuts
P.92 Crystal Ball
P.94 Devil's Tomato Glass
P.96 Banana Walnut Chocolate Cake
P.98 Black Sesame Seed Blancmange
P.100 Pumpkin Tart
P.102 Bean Curd Mousse
P.104 Yakult Yoghurt Mousse
P.106 Chestnut Tart
P.108 Oreo Coconut Blancmange
P.110 Log Cake
P.112 X'mas Chocolate Muffin
P.114 Star Coffee Pudding
P.116 Coffee Jelly Mini Tart
P.118 X'mas Cookies
P.120 Banana and White Chocolate Mousse
P.122 X'mas Chocolate Cake
P.124 Golden Chocolate Cake
P.126 Exchange Table




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Product Name : Occasion Desserts 9789621435477
Model : 9789621435477
Brand : 萬里機構 Wan Li Book
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 13 February, 2008
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