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Before, During & After Pregnancy 9789882024410

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Information Below:
Pregnancy Diet
51 therapeutic recipes are included here to take care of the physical health of the expectant mother.

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Title (English) : Before, During & After Pregnancy
Title (Chinese) : 懷孕前後調理天書
ISBN : 9789882024410
Author / Translator : Chung-man Mak
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2007/5
Pages / Size : 200 Pages / 175mm (W) × 215mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Softcover / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 麥鐘文保健食療系列


About this book:

Welcoming a new member to the family is a major issue for everyone. This is especially important to the mother of the newborn because what she does during the gestation and the care she receives after delivery has immense implications on her life from that point onwards. Thus, you need plans throughout every step of pregnancy - before, during and after. A woman has different nutritional needs in these different stages and this book is outlined accordingly in those three sections. Physical changes and problems you might encounter in each phase are carefully discussed in details, so that you're well prepared psychologically all the way. On top of that, 51 therapeutic recipes are included here to take care of the physical health of the expectant mother. You'd be expecting the newborn happily and healthily with the thoughtful support from your partner.

Let joy and excitement keep you company instead of feeling lost and confused.




8 Introduction of food
Preparation for Pregnancy
12 Tips for Mom – and – Dad to be
18 Determing your "predisposition" ?
20 What is infertility ?
24 How can the chance of conception be enhanced among older women ?
26 Stewed Cock with Pomelo
28 Stir Fry Prawn with Rice Wine
30 Tu Si Zi and Oyster in Salad Dressing
32 Stir Fry Shredded Pork with Qi Zi
34 Sea Cucumber Congee with Huai Shan
36 Radish Congee with Huai Shan and Job's Tears
38 Sea Cucumber Congee with Qi Zi
40 Abalone Soup with Chinese Cordyceps
42 Beef Shin Soup with Dang Gui and Dan Shen
44 Stewed Chicken Soup with Deer Antier and Qi Zi
46 Stewed Quail Eggs with Qi Zi
48 Lotus Root Porridge with Huai Shan and Black Dates
50 Glutinous Rice Porridge with Black Beans and Qi Zi
52 Pregnancy Q & A
56 Basal Boby Temperature Record 
During Pregnancy
Week 0 to week 12
60 Controlling weight-gain
62 How can I minimize the chance of miscarriage ?
64 How can a pregnant women enhance her nutrient uptake ?
68 Chicken Congee with Dang Shen and Du Zhong
70 Dried Duck Gizzard Congee with Dried Tangerine Peel
72 Milk Custard with Ginger Juice
74 Fish Head Soup
76 Pork Liver Soup with Spinach
78 Lean Pork Soup with Sweet Corn and Small Red Beans
80 Lean Pork Soup with Tian Ma and Gou Teng
82 Pork Liver Soup with Qi Zi
84 Black Plum Drink with Ginger and Lu Gen
86 Sang Ji Sheng Drink with Black Beans and Egg
88 Pregnancy Q & A
92 Health Record
Week 13 to week 24
96 Nutritional needs
100 The most essential nutrients : Iron and calcium
102 Lotus Seed Congee with Mai Dong
104 Chicken Congee with Peanuts
106 Oxtail Soup with Tomato and Assorted Vegetables
108 Yellow Croaker Soup with Garlic
110 Lean Pork Soup with Walnuts and Small Red Beans
112 Lean Pork Soup with Lotus Seeds and Dried Longans
114 Fish Tail Soup Sweet Corn and Beancurd
116 Lean Pork Soup with White Fungus and Dried Black Mushrooms
118 Crucian Carp Soup with Small Red Beans
120 Lean Pork Soup with Watercress and Luo Han Guo
122 Tai Zi Shen Drink with Fu Shen
124 Pregnancy Q & A
128 Health Record
Week 25 to week 40
132 Preparing for labour and delivery
136 Exercises before delivery
140 Pork Shin Soup with Apple and Almonds
142 Pork Rib Soup with Lotus Root and Dried Octopus
144 Chicken Soup with Ba Ji Tian
146 Chicken Feet Soup with Peanuts
148 Lotus Seed Drink with Raisins, Black Beans and Egg
150 Pregnancy Q & A
154 Health Record
After Delivery
158 The dos and don'ts in the first month after delivery
162 Pork Trotter Soup with Peanuts and Papaya
164 Mutton Soup with Dang Gui
166 Black-skinned Chicken Soup with Deer Antler
168 Stewed Chicken Soup with Rice Wine, Sesame oil and Cloud Ear Fungus
170 Stewed Chicken Soup with Dried Fish Maw and Qi Zi
172 Black Date and Dried Longan Drink with Ginger Juice and Honey
174 Malt Sweet Drink 
176 Yi Mu Cao Drink with Egg
178 Pork Trotters in Sweet Vinegar with Dried Fish Maw and Eggs
180 Postnatal Q & A
184 Exercises after delivery
188 Parental medical check-up
190 The growth and development of the embryo ∕ Foetus
196 Checklist : packing for the hospital stay
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Product Name : Before, During & After Pregnancy 9789882024410
Model : 9789882024410
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 13 February, 2008
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