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Exquisite Café Desserts 9789621435873

萬里機構 Wan Li Book

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Price HKD$88


Information Below:
Café Desserts Cookbook
This cookbook for café dessert helps you add romance and warmth to your afternoon tea.

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Title (English) : Exquisite Café Desserts
Title (Chinese) : Café 甜點
ISBN : 9789621435873
Author / Translator : Stella Wong / Rosanna Liu
Publisher / Pub. Date : Wan Li Book / 2007/8
Pages / Size : 128 Pages / 210mm (W) × 255mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 甜絲絲


About this book:

A cup of coffee or smoothie served with a "slices" or "bars" is not only the most suitable matching but also a perfect food combination for enjoyment. This cookbook for café dessert helps you add romance and warmth to your afternoon tea.  




P.2 Foreword
Diary of Café 
P.6 1What Feeling Does a Coffee Shop Give to You
P.8 2How to Choose High Quality Coffee
P.11 3Making a Cup of Unique Coffee
P.14 4Add Colour to Your Afternoon Tea
Basic Techniques
P.20 1Tools and Ingredients
P.22 2Basic Processing Techniques
Tailor-made your cafe dessorts workshop
P.28 Deluxe Chocolate Fudge
P.30 Chocolate Crispy Rice Cereal Bars
P.32 Chocolate Salami
P.34 Rocky Road Slices
P.36 Crunchy Fudge
P.38 No-bake Rich Chocolate Loaf
P.40 Biscotti
P.42 Dried Raspberry Sticks
P.44 Chocolate Hazeinut Bars
P.46 Chocolate Almond Slices
P.48 Almond Topping Bars
P.50 Blueberry Crumble Slices
P.52 Apple Crumble Squares
P.54 Chocolate Chip Flapjacks Squares
P.56 Chewy Caremel and Muesli Bars
P.58 Oat, Seed and Nut Muesli Bars
P.60 Figs Squares 
P.62 Apricot Slices
P.64 Blueberry Cheese Cake
P.66 Mini-apple Pastry
P.68 Chocolate Banana Tarts
P.70 Lemon Meringue Tarts
P.72 Ice-cream and Jelly Pastry
P.74 Lamingtons
P.76 Macadamia Blondies
P.78 Mocha Brownies
P.80 Peacans Brownies
P.82 Walnut Brownies
P.84 Black and White Chocolate Chip Brownies
P.86 Raisin and Hazelnut Brownies
P.88 Marble Slices
P.90 Orange Poppy Seed Cake
P.92 Ginger and Sesame Squares
P.94 Blueberry Butter Cake
P.96 Red Bean Cake
P.98 Honey Cake
P.100 Blueberry Cake
P.102 Black and White Sesame Squares
P.104 Sultana Cake
P.106 Cinnamon Squares
P.108 Orange and Banana Smoothie
P.109 Mix Berries Smoothie
P.110 Mix fruits Iced Tea
P.111 Orange and Lime Iced Tea
P.112 Kiwi ice-cream Soda
P.113 Pineapple Ice-cream Soda
P.114 Rose and Chamomile Tea
P.115 Blueberry and Mixed Fruit Tea
P.116 Oolong Osmanthus Iced Tea
P.117 Rose and Konjac Jelly Iced Tea
P.118 Iced Mocha 
P.119 Iced Coffee
P.120 Hot Orange Coffee
P.121 Cappuccino
P.122 Banana Chocolate Smoothie
P.123 Celaya Hot Chocolate
P.124 Bubble Green Tea With Tapioca Peart and Honey
P.125 Tapioca Peart Tea
P.126 Lavender Tea
P.127 Grenadine Cordial Soda




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Product Name : Exquisite Café Desserts 9789621435873
Model : 9789621435873
Brand : 萬里機構 Wan Li Book
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 12 February, 2008
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