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Gigi Wong Miracle Meals 9789882025028

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Information Below:
Gigi Wong's Cookbook
Gigi Wong shares her insight and culinary skills with all food enthusiasts.

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Title (English) : Gigi Wong Miracle Meals
Title (Chinese) : 黃淑儀美味食緣 
ISBN : 9789882025028
Author / Translator : Gigi Wong
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2007/7
Pages / Size : 128 Pages / 185mm (W) × 235mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series :  


About this book:

Gigi Wong is a talented chef. Spending much of her childhood and teenage years in the kitchen, Gigi was trained to take every cooking step seriously and to make yummy and delicious meals for her family. Exotic, unique and sumptuous, Gigi' s recipes never fail to surprise in a pleasant way. Try out her Duck Marinated in Fish Sauce; Pork Lung Soup with Resurrection Spikemoss; Chilled Prawns in Chaozhou Style; or Stir-fried Chayote Sprouts with Dried Scallop and be carried away by the otherworldly taste.

After the well-received cookbook Gigi Wong Dainty Treats , she shares her insight and culinary skills with all food enthusiasts - including cooks, gourmands and readers. Like Gigi herself, you too can create nutritious and mouthwatering meals that express your care and love for your family.



Friendly Link (Gigi Wong's BLOG) : http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/gigi-wong/


10 Gigi Secret Tips
  Appetizer & Main Dishes
18 Chilled Prawns in Chaozhou Style
20 Beancurd Cold Appetizer
22 Live Oysters with Chinese Dredding
24 Wine-marinated Chicken with Dried Plums
26 Tea-marinated Eggs
28 Duck Marinated in Fish Sauce
30 5.1.9 Chicken Steak
32 Stewed Beef Briskets in Tomato Sauce
34 Dried Chicken Fillet on Steamed Egg White Custard 
36 Stir-fried Eggplant in Spicy Fermented Beancurd Sauce
38 Bitter Melon Sauteed with Salted Egg Yolk 
40 Fried Eggs with Bitter Melon
42 Pumpkin and Mung Bean Vermicelli in Clay Pot
44 Gingkoes with Veggie Trio
46 Baked Veggie au Gratin
48 Stir-fried Asparagus with Pine Nuts
50 Red Curry Oysters
52 Stir-fried Squid with Salted Mustard Green
55 Deep-fried Prawn Balls
58 Red Curry Minced Dace with Radish in Clay Pot
62 Curry Sole Fillet
  Soups & Congee
66 Ginseng Duo Soup
68 Pork Bone Soup with Mature Cucumber
70 Aryichoke Pork Lung Soup
72 Double-steamed Black-skinned Chicken Soup with Conch
74 Conch Soup with Ya-Li Pears and White Fungus
76 Duck Gizzard Soup with Bok Choy
78 Miso Soup with Fish Head
82 Chicken and Cheatnut Soup
84 Teal Soup with Dried Snow Frog Jelly and Milk
88 Papaya and Chicken Feet Soup with Peanuts
90 Pork Lung Soup with Resurrection Spikemoss
93 Congee with Lingzhi and Job's Tears
  Desserts & Snacks
98 Lemongrass Balsamic Vinaigrette
100 Nachos with Basic Cuacamole
102 Pomelo Salad
104 Tune Sandwich
106 Ham and Cucumber Sandwich
108 Egg Salad Sandwich
110 Steamed Egg and Milk Custard
112 Pine Nut Cookies
114 Osmanthus Pudding
116 Water Chestnut and Lemon Sweet Soup
  Dish with Scallops
120 Stir-fried Chayote Sprouts with Dried Scallop
122 Egg Omelette with Dried Scallops
124 Minced Chicken Thick Soup with Dried Scallops
126 Winter Melon Thick Soup


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Product Name : Gigi Wong Miracle Meals 9789882025028
Model : 9789882025028
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 19 January, 2008
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