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Specialty Bread DIY 9628888919

嘉出版 Characters Publications

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Price HKD$69


Information Below:
Specialty Bread DIY - Specialty Bread Cookbook
 Specialty Bread DIY 9628888919  Specialty Bread DIY 9628888919  Specialty Bread DIY 9628888919
 Specialty Bread DIY 9628888919  Specialty Bread DIY 9628888919  Specialty Bread DIY 9628888919
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Title (English) : Specialty Bread DIY
Title (Chinese) : 愛上DIY滋味麵包
ISBN : 9628888919
Author / Translator : Kannis Yeung / Sweelian Ng
Publisher / Pub. Date : Characters Pub / 2006/11
Pages / Size : 120Pages / 185mm (W) × 235mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 名廚教室系列


P.2 The Chef
P.3 Foreword
Chapter 1
Sweet Delights
P.8 Bread Pudding
P.9 Coffee Bread Pudding /  Mixed Berry Pudding
P.10 Deep-Fried Toasts / Garlic Toasts
P.12 Deep-Fried Banana and Cinnamon Toasts
P.14 Deep-Fried Peach Toasts
P.16 Layered Jam Sandwich
P.17 Fruit Jam:
Strawberry Jam, Apple Jam, Mango Jam, Banana and Peanut Butter Spread
P.18 Banana Peanut Butter Sandwich Toast
P.20 Kiwi Mango White Chocolate Balls
P.22 Raspberry Cups: Red Bean Green Tea Cups
P.24 White Chocolate Cheese and Mango Sandwich
Blueberry Vanilla Bread
P.26 Fruit Box Sandwich: Hokkaido Bun
P.28 Almond Chocolate Sticks
P.30 Sweet Potato Bread
P.32 Snow White Crispy Strips
P.34 Brown Sugar Crispy Squares
P.36 Honey Squares
P.38 Coffee Almond Crisps / Apricot Milk Crisps
P.40 Marshmallow Biscuit Sandwich
P.42 Banana Cinnamon Squares
P.44 Blueberry Milk Toasts 
Chapter 2
Party : Savory Party Snacks
P.48 Party: Party Snacks
Smoked Salmon and Pickled Vegetable, Tomato and MashedPotato, Salami and Cucumber, Sesame Oil Fresh Tuna, Avocado Crab Meat, Cheesy Asparagus and Black Olive
P.50 Seafood Pie
P.52 Basil Cherry Tomato Pie
P.54 Red Bean Sesame Bun
P.55 Meat and Vegetable Buns
P.56 Spicy Spring Onion Pancake
P.58 Tuna in One Mouthful: Carrot Egg Salad in One Mouthful
P.60 Italian Flavor Pizza: Herbs Tomato Bread
P.62 Curry Mashed Potato and Asparagus Bread : Oatmeal Raisin Bread
P.64 Spicy Beef Croissants : Croissants
P.66 Mixed Vegetable Curry Samosa
P.68 Toast Pizza
P.70 Hawaiian Pizza
P.72 Japanese Yakitori Pizza
P.74 Baked Bacon Toasts
P.76 Salami Tortillas
P.78 Mini Hamburgers
P.80 Chicken Teriyaki Rolls
P.82 Ham and Pineapple Toasts
Chapter 3
Cake / Ice Cream / Beverage
P.86 Peach Rolls
P.88 Mango Mousse Cake
P.90 Red Bean Green Tea Milk 
P.91 Yogurt Ice Tea : Latte
P.92 Papaya Lime Coconut Smoothie
P.93  Iced Soy Latte
P.94 Mint Melon Mix
P.95 Green Tea Red Bean Ice Cream
P.96 Green Tea Sesame Sticks
P.97 Cookie Ice Cream
P.98 Bread Storage and Decoration
P.100 English Recipe




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Product Name : Specialty Bread DIY 9628888919
Model : 9789628888917
Brand : 嘉出版 Characters Publications
Shipping Unit : 3.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 04 March, 2007
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