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Post-Natal Nutritious Recipes 9628888684

嘉出版 Characters Publications

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Information Below:
Chinese Cookbook

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書名(中文) : 媽媽必吃坐月食療
書名(英文) : Post-Natal Nutritious Recipes
國際書號 ISBN : 9628888684
作者 / 譯者 : 李素珍 / Sweelian Ng   
出版商 / 出版日期 : 嘉出版 / 2006/6
頁數 / 尺寸 : 160 頁 / 140mm (闊) x 200mm (高)
裝幀 / 印刷用色 : 平裝 / 四色
語文 : 繁體中文 / English / 印尼文 
叢書 : 健康生活系列







P.2 Chef's Foreword
P.3 The Chef
P.4 Preface
P.12 Post-Natal Nourishment
  Enrich Qi and Blood
P.16 Bei Qi and Yellow Eel Soup
P.18 Dang Gui, Bei Qi and San Ban Fish Soup
P.20 Lotus Seed and Red Date Tea
P.22 Shou Wu and Red Date Tea
P.24 Dang Shen and Red Date Tea
  Nourish Lungs and Complexion
P.26 Coconut Soup with Conch and Pork Shank
  Clear Heatiness
P.28 Hai Yu Zhu, Snow Fungus and Pork Shank Soup
P.30 Fu Shen, Raw Barley and Fig Soup
  Calm Nerves and Induce Peaceful Sleep
P.32 Dang Shen, Lily Bulb and Red Date Soup
  Strengthen Lower Back and Relieve Pain
P.34 Du Zhong, Huai Shan, Wolfberries and Pig's Tail Bone Soup
P.36 Pig's Kidney and Black Fungus Soup
P.38 Du Zhong and Ba Ji Soup
P.40 Lower Back and Bone Strengthening Soup
  Strengthen Spleen and Lungs
P.42 Frog, Dang Shen, Wolfberries and Dried Longan Soup
  Strengthen Spleen and Stomach and Reduce Swelling
P.44 Chikcen Feet, Black Eye Peas and Hairy Gourd Soup
  Strengthen Spleen and Enrich Qi
P.46 Nan Date and Bei Qi Tea
  Strengthen Spleen and Dispel Dampness
P.48 Tea for Dispelling Dampness and Strengthening Spleen
  Dispel Wind from Body and Relieve Headache
P.50 Wind Dispelling Soup
P.52 Double-boiled Fish Head and Tian Ma Stew
  Reduce Water Retention
P.54 Adzuki Beans and Carp Soup
  Diffuse Beri-beri (Swelling of Legs)
P.56 Black Eye Pea, Red Date and Chicken Feet Soup
  Dispel Dampness in Body
P.58 Dampness Dispelling Tea
  Diffuse Excessive Perspiration
P.60 Blighted Wheat and Glutinous Rice Root Tea
P.62 Blighted Wheat and Red Date Tea
P.64 Blighted Wheat and Bei Qi Tea
  Remove Foul Discharge
P.66 White Fungus and Chicken with Wine
  Relieve Blocked Milk Duct
P.68 Tea for Soothing Milk Flow
  Double-boiled Soup
  Enrich Qi and Blood
P.72 Double-boiled Bei Qi, Dang Shen and Conch
P.74 Double-boiled Qi, Nan Date and Black Chicken
P.76 Double-boiled Huai Shan, Bei Qi, Nan Date and Black Chicken
  Enrich Qi
P.78 Double-boiled Red Date, Wolfberries and Black Chicken
  Enrich Blood
P.80 Double-boiled Huai Shan, Wolfberries and Sea Cucumber
P.82 Double-boiled Bei Qi, Dang Shen, Jing and Black Chicken
P.84 Double-boiled Abalone Chicken
  Enrich Blood and Relieve Pain
P.86 Double-boiled Tian Ma, Huang Jing, Shou Wu and Black Chicken
  Stop Bleeding and Reduce Swelling
P.88 Double-boiled Tian Qi Chicken
  Nourish Lungs and Kidney
P.90 Double-boiled Cordysep, Fish Maw and Chicken
  Nourish Body Organs and Sooth Lungs
P.92 Double-boiled Bird's Nest and Lotus Seed
  Nourish Stomach and Sooth Lungs
P.94 Double-boiled Cordysep, Shi Hu, American Ginseng and Pork Shank
  Strengthen Stomach and Improve Saliva Secretion
P.96 Double-boiled Shi Hu, American Ginseng and Black Chicken
  Strengthen Lower Back and Kidney
P.98 Double-boiled Dang Gui, Wolfberries and Deer's Tail
  Nourish Spleen and Kidney
P.100 Double-boiled Huai Shan, Wolfberries and Black Chicken
  Strengthen Spleen and Enrich Qi
P.102 Double-boiled Dang Shen, Lily Bulb and Black Chicken
  Strengthen Spleen and Qi
P.104 Double-boiled Huai Shan, Wolfberries and Conch
  Treat Cold Hands and Feet
P.106 Double-boiled Huai Shan, Wolfberries and Young Deer Hom
  Enrich Qi and Blood
P.110 Stir-fried Yellow Eel with Shredded Mushroom
P.112 Steamed Chicken with Bamboo Pith and Red Date
  Nourish Iungs and stomach
P.114 Mandarin Fish with Sweet Peas and Fresh Lily Bulb
P.116 Braised Hairy Gourd and Mushrooms with Bamboo Pith and Baby Com
  Strengthen Spleen and Improve Appetite
P.118 Stir-fried Baby Com with Xiu Zhen Mushroom and Celery
  Strengten Kideny
P.120 Braised Sea Cucumber and Mushroom with Hairy Gourd
  Strengten Liver and Kideny
P.122 Steamed Frog with Red Date and Wolfberries
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Product Name : Post-Natal Nutritious Recipes 9628888684
Model : 9789628888689
Brand : 嘉出版 Characters Publications
Shipping Unit : 3.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 18 August, 2006
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