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Home » Categories » ONLINE BOOKSTORE » FOOD & DRINK » Pre- & Post-Natal » 9789628888504
Infant's A+ Meals 9628888501

嘉出版 Characters Publications

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Information Below:
Baby food Cookbook
 Infant's A+ Meals  9628888501  Infant's A+ Meals  9628888501  Infant's A+ Meals  9628888501
 Infant's A+ Meals  9628888501
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書名(中文) : 寶寶A+營養餐
書名(英文) : Infant's A+ Meals
國際書號 ISBN : 9628888501
作者 / 譯者 : 李素珍
出版商 / 出版日期 : 嘉出版 / 2006/1
頁數 / 尺寸 : 184 / 140mm () x 200mm ()
裝幀 / 印刷用色 : 平裝 / 四色
語文 : 繁體中文 / English / 印尼文
叢書 : 健康生活系列





P.2 Foreword
P.3 About Author
P.4 Preface
Rice Cereal
P.22 Mashed Banana
P.24 Mashed Apple
P.26 Mashed Egg Yolk
P.28 Mashed Pumpkin
P.30 Mashed Potato
P.34 Lean Pork Congee
P.36 Dried Tangerine Peel Congee
P.38 Hairy Gourd and Lean Pork Congee
P.40 Huai Shan and Chicken Congee
P.42 Lean Pork Congee with Lotus Seed and Lily Bulb
P.44 Lily Bulb and Lean Pork Congee
P.46 Huai Shan and Chi Shi Congee
P.48 Lean Pork Congee with Dried Peng Fish Gill
P.50 Chicken Congee with Carrol and Tomato
P.52 Apple and Chicken Congee
P.54 Lean Pork Congee with Huai Shan and Lily Bulb
P.56 Lean Pork Congee with Apple and Egg
P.58 Lean Pork Congee with Beef Tripe
P.60 Duck Kidney and Lean Pork Congee
P.62 Chicken Congee with Sweet Corn and Carrot
P.64 Lean Pork Congee with Carp and Fresh Lily Bulb
P.66 Lean Pork Congee with Green Peas and Egg
P.68 Pig Liver Congee with Carrot and Broccoli
P.70 Tomato and Chicken Liver Congee
P.72 Yellow Eel and Chicken Congee
Pasta & Rice
P.76 Beef Macaroni with Pumpkin and Tomato
P.78 Lean Pork Macaroni with Tomato and Potato
P.80 Lean Pork Macaroni with Hairy Gourd and Mullet
P.82 Beef Macaroni with Carrot and Tomato
P.84 Sweet Corn and Chicken Macaroni
P.86 Chicken Spaghetti with Tomato and Carrot
P.88 Mixed Vegetable and Beef Spaghetti
P.90 Pork Spaghetti with Pumpkin and Tomato
P.92 Baked Rice with Shanghai Cabbage and Meat Patty
P.94 Baked Rice with Big-Eye Fish and Minced Pork
P.96 Steamed Minced Dace and Bean Curd
P.98 Steamed Egg with Beef
P.100 Fried Rice with Ham and Mixed Peas
P.104 Partridge Soup with Chuan Bei and China Almond (Stop cough and remove thick phlegm)
P.106 Chuan Bei and Dual Leaves Soup (Dipel heatiness and stop cough)
P.108 Chuan Bei anad Snow pear Soup (Sothe lungs and stop cough)
P.110 Sea Dragon and Sea Horse Soup (Help heal lymphatic tuberculosis)
P.112 Chuaan Bei and Crocodile Soup (Dissolve phlegrn and prevent allergies)
P.114 Chuan Bei and Qing Tian Kui Soup (Clear lungs  and dispel heatiness)
P.116 Chuan Bei and Hu Ru Lingzhi Soup (Soothe allergies of respiratory tract)
P.118 Crocodile and Ge Jie Clam Soup (Soothe allergies of respiratory tract)
P.120 Quail Soup (Nourish kidneys and strengthen spleen)
P.122 Double Boiled Hashima and Lotus Seed Soup (Soothe lungs and strengthen spleen)
P.124 Double Boiled Hashima and American Ginseng Tea (Dispel heatiness and soothe lungs)
P.126 Huai Shan and She Zhu Shen Soup (Improve energy and stengthen spleen)
P.128 Pumpkin and Rangooncreeper Fruit Soup (Remove parasites and indigestion)
P.130 Dang Shen and Duck Kindey Soup (Improve appetite and strengthen spleen)
P.132 Du Jiao Jin Soup (Improve appetite and remove indigestion)
P.134 Nan Soy Bean with Huai Shan Soup (Slim and reduce excess body fat)
P.136 Sugar Cane and Water Chestnut Soup with Lu Gen (Dispel body toxin due to Measles or Pox)
P.138 Lily Bulb and Yu Zhu Soup with Mao Gen (Dispel excess body heat)
P.140 Apple and Snakehead Fish Soup (Strengthen spleen and nourish body)
P.142 Cordysep and Walnut Soup (Improve IQ and brain function)
P.144 Wheat Germ Tea (Improve Constipation)
P.146 Apple and Fig Soup (Strengthen Stomach and cleanse intestines)
P.148 Bei Qi and Blighted Wheat Soup (Reduce cold sweat)
P.150 Resep




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Product Name : Infant's A+ Meals 9628888501
Model : 9789628888504
Brand : 嘉出版 Characters Publications
Shipping Unit : 2.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 12 August, 2006
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