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Best Soups 9882022014

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Information Below:
Soup Cookbook

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Title (English) : Best Soups
Title (Chinese) : 百味靚湯
ISBN : 9882022014
Author / Translator : Kitty Choi
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2005/7
Pages / Size : 221 Pages / 190mm (W) × 240mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Soft Cover / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 美食廚典









Chinese-style Soup   
The Secret of Making Fine Soup   10
Premium Stock / Second Stock    12
Commonly Used Ingredients   14
Long-stewed Soup   
Lean Pork Soup with Green Radish, Carrot and Ri Yue Fish  20
Snakehead Fish Soup with Ye Ge Cai  22
Pork Shin Soup with Octopus and Hairy Gourd   24
Pork Tail Bone Soup with Pueraria Root, Small Red Beans and Dace  26
Double Head Soup      28
Watercress and Snakehead Fish Soup    30
Fish Maw Soup with Yu Zhu and Qi Zi  32
Chinese Catfish Soup with Black Beans    34
Radish Soup with Jellyfish and Water Chestnuts      36
Spring Chicken Soup with Conch and Huai Shan 38
Spring Chicken Soup with Chinese Cordyceps    40
Pear and Chicken Soup     41
American Ginseng, Carrot and Chicken Soup      42
Tilapia Soup with Pumpkin and Corn      44
Spring Chicken Soup with Dried Longans and Tian Qi     46
Fresh Duck Gizzard Soup with Watercress       48
Chicken Soup with Sea Coconut                50
Chicken and Coconut Soup with Bei Qi and Qi Zi       52
Duck Soup with Lotus Leaf and Winter Melon           53
Lean Pork Soup with Wood Ears and Red Dates   54
Pork Knuckle Soup with kelp, Seaweed and Raw Di Huang     56
Pork Shin Soup with Star Fruit and Yu Zhu       58
Pork Rib Soup with Red Beans and Lotus Root     60
Pork Pancreas Soup with Xia Ku Cao    62
Dried Oyster Soup with Black-eyed Beans and Black Moss        64
Pork Kidney and Tail Bone Soup with Chestnuts       66
Pork Shin Soup with Dried Fig and Raw Di Huang        67
Pork Soup with Dried Geckoes and Fu Shen    68
Almond and Pork Lung Soup         70
Pork Lung Soup with Almonds, Pears and Olives         72
Frog Soup with Job' s Tear and Winter Melon   74
Kelp, Winter Melon, Pear and Xia Ku Cao Soup        76
Papaya Soup                                 78
Pork Shin Soup with Mustard Greens and Pueraria Root    80
Yam Bean and Lean Pork Soup             82
Pork Pancreas Soup with Huai Shan and Sweet Corn Tassels    84
Bitter Melon Soup with Dried Oysters and Black Beans       86
Duo Bok Choy Soup with Dates and Olives    88
Chayote and Pumpkin Soup with Tomatoes           90
Watercress and Eight-treasure Soup       92
Pork Stomach Soup with White Peppercorns and Savory Pickle    94
Lean Pork Soup with Sugar Cane and Couchgrass Root        96
Double-steamed Soup   
Beef Soup with Dang Shen and Bei Qi       98
Dang Gui and Mutton Soup                 100
Double-steamed Chicken Soup with Ginkgoes in a Coconut  102
Chicken Tea                                                   104
Double-steamed Apple Soup with Chuan Bei and Sweet Almonds       106
Quick-boiled Soup   
Rabbitfish Soup with Tomatoes and Broad Beans        108
Whitebait Soup with Mustard Greens          110
Fish Head Soup with Tian Ma and Chuan Xiong            112
Fish Tail Soup with Preserved Turnip and Winter Melon         114
Flathead Fish Soup with Dried Soy Beans and Bitter Melon      116
Big-eye Fish Soup with Papaya       118
Hong Tan Fish Soup with Tomato and Potato     120
Salted Fish Head Soup with Beancurd and Hairy Gourd        122
Fish Soup with Burdock and Himematsutake Mushrooms    124
Beef Soup with Xue Cai and Straw Mushrooms     126
Meatball Soup with Chinese Wolfberry Greens      128
Roast Duck Soup with Straw Mushrooms and Mustard Greens     130
Cabbage Dumplings in Premium Stock        132
Beancurd Sheet and Tomato Soup                  134
Diced Winter Melon, Salted Egg and Minced Pork Soup  136
Pickled Cucumber Soup With Coriander and Thousand-year Egg  138
Thick Soup   
Fish Paste and Tomato Soup       140
Tai-chi Vegetable Soup  142
Pumpkin and Minced Fish Soup    144
Beancurd, Corn and White Cabbage Soup    146
Western-style Soup  
About Western-style Soup    150
Western Stock        152
Western Consomme               154
Cream Soup Base (Roux)  155
Cream Soup    
Lobster Bisque  156
Hungarian Beef Soup          158
French-style Tomato and Herb Soup      160
Shark' s Fin Soup Compradore Style      162
Manhattan Grouper Chowder     164
Cream of Pumpkin Soup with Crabmeat    166
Chicken Soup with a la King      168
Bouillabaisse de Provence     170
Thickened Soup   
Green Pea Soup with Crabmeat and Potato    172
American-style Farmhouse Chicken Soup    174
French Onion Soup        176
Cream of Mushroom Soup     178
Borsch       180
Chestnut Soup in French-style      182
Chilled Soup   
Chilled Avocado Soup with Lemon and Cucumber  184
Spanish Gazpacho       186
Chilled Cream of Watercress Soup          188
Asian-style Soup   
Japanese Stock       192
Miso Soup          194
Clam Soup with Chili Bean Paste and Spinach    196
Korean Ginseng and Chicken Soup    198
Korean-style Beef Rib Eye and Mung Bean Thread Hot Pot    200
Assam Fish Head Soup      202
      <td class="xl24" height="22" x:str="Indonesian " soto="" "="" beef="" soup="">Indonesian " Soto " Beef Soup  204
Singaporean & Malaysian   
Pork Rib Tea       206
Meat Dumpling Soup        208
Shrimp Laksa Soup     210
Tom Yum Shrimp Soup           212
Coconut Chicken Soup      214
Minced Pork, Beancurd and Mung Bean Thread Soup     216
Vegetable and Shrimp Soup with Basil       218
Fish Soup with Sour and Spicy Cabbage       220



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Product Name : Best Soups 9882022014
Model : 9789882022010
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 5.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 26 January, 2006
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