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Nourishing Herbal Tonics 9882022480

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Price HKD$55


Information Below:

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Title (English) : Nourishing Herbal Tonics
Title (Chinese) : 潤燥保健
ISBN : 9882022480
Chinese Medicine Consultant / Translator : 溫再強 
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2005/5
Pages / Size : 175 Pages / 155mm (W) × 215mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Soft Cover / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 藥膳養生坊





Thecrapeutie diets and " predisposition "                                                                   6
Therapeutie Nature of Chinese Herbal Medicines                                                    12
Warm & Hot
Du Huo                                                                                                                    18
Black Bean Soup with Du Huo
Sea Otter                                                                                                                  21
Lean Pork Soup with Sea Otter and Dried Seahorse 
Raw Ginger                                                                                                              24
Yellow Eel Rice with Ginger Juice
Crocodile Meat                                                                                                         27
Lean Pork Soup with Crcodile Meat
Shi Jun Zi                                                                                                                30
Lean Pork Soup with Shi Jun Zi
Bai Hua She                                                                                                             33
Stewed Bai Hua She with Pepper Root
Huo Xiang                                                                                                               36
Huo Xiang Congee
Gu Sui Bu                                                                                                               39
Gu Sui Bu and Catfish Soup
Qiang Huo                                                                                                              42
Qiang HUo Soup
Shen Qu                                                                                                                 45
Shen Qu and Spring Onion Drink
Ai Ye                                                                                                                    48
Ai Ye and Egg Sweet Soup
Xie Bai                                                                                                                 51
Xie Bai and Dan Shen Drink 
Wu Wei Zi                                                                                                           54
Walnut Sweet Soup with Wu Wei Zi
Lu Rong                                                                                                               57
Stewed Black-skinned Chicken with Lu Rong
Cold & Cool
Liang Fen Cao                                                                                                      62
Pig' s Shoulder Bone Soup with Liang Fen Cao and Pueraria Root  
Tortoise Shell                                                                                                       65
Trotoise Shell Soup with Huai Shan and Job' s Tears
Cicada Shed                                                                                                         68
Cicada Shed Drink
Feng Li Ke                                                                                                           71
Feng Li Ke Soup
Sugar Cane                                                                                                           74
Carrot, Sugar Cane and Couchgrass Root Soup
Peppermint                                                                                                           77
Peppermint Congee
Mulberry Leaf                                                                                                       80
Pig' s Tongue Soup with Mulberry Leaf 
Tu Yin Chen                                                                                                         83
Tu Yin Chen and Honeysuckle Sweet Soup
Xian Zhu Feng                                                                                                      86
Xian Zhu Feng and Honey Drink 
Dried Burdock Fruit                                                                                              89
Sour Plum Soup with Turnip and Burdock
Xia Gu Cao                                                                                                          92
Xia Gu Cao Soup with Black Beans
Che Qian Cao                                                                                                       95
Shin of Pork Soup with Che qian Cao and Snakehead Fish
Zhen Zhu Mu                                                                                                       98
Fish Fillet Congee with Zhen Zhu Mu
Shan Ci Gu                                                                                                          101
Shan Ci Gu Soup
Lian Qiao                                                                                                            104
Honey syrup with Lian Qiao Ke
Guan Zhong                                                                                                        107
Guan Zhong Soup with Lean Pork
Sea Weed                                                                                                           110
Lean Pork Soup with Kelp and Sea Weed
Shi Gao                                                                                                              113
Shi Gao and Lean Pork Congee
Bai Hua She She Cao                                                              &
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Product Name : Nourishing Herbal Tonics 9882022480
Model : 9789882022485
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 26 January, 2006
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