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Chiu Chau Dishes 9621431077

萬里機構 Wan Li Book

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Title (English) : Chiu Chau Dishes 
Title (Chinese) : 打冷 
ISBN : 9621431077
Author / Translator : 何長發 
Publisher / Pub. Date : Wan Li Book / 2005/9 
Pages / Size : 96 Pages / 195mm (W) x 195mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 好味道系列 







Chiu Chau Dishes P.3
Marinated Food and Snacks
1) Chiuchow Marinated Goose  P.8
2) Marinated Pig Ears   P.10
3) Jellied Grass Carp P.12
4) Jellied Pork Knuckle     P.14
5) Fried Taro , Cucumbar and Carrot Pancake P.16
6) Fried Loofah Pancake  P.18
7) Fried Oyster Pancake    P.20
8) Fried Clams with Spring Onion   P.22
9) Fish Dumplings with Radish  P.24
10) Blanched Beef with Shacha Sauce    P.26
11) Chiuchow Congee     P.28
12) Steamed Pomfret  P.32
13) Steamed White Eel with Plum Sauce in Salted Leaf    P.34
14) Steamed Grey Mullet with Salted Lemon   P.36
15) Spicy Bombay Duck with Pickles  P.38
16) Steamed Yellow Croaker with Sun-dried Cabbage   P.40
17) Eel with Chinese Pickles  P.42
18) Pan-fried Pomfret Fillets  P.44
19) Cool Grey Mullet or Bigeye    P.46
20) Eel ' s Maws with Cucumbers    P.48
21)Fish Maws with Loofah  P.50
22) Deep-fried Prawn Rolls  P.52
23) Deep-fried Prawn Tubes   P.54
24) Crisp Deep-fried Prawns  P.56
25) Deep-fried Prawn Balls   P.58
26) Steamed Crab Rice P.60
27) Steamed Crab Balls with Chinese Kale   P.62
28) Fried Squid     P.64
29) Sea Cucumber with Plum Sauce   P.66
30) Prawn and Chicken Wrapped in Celery Cabbage P.70
31) Simmered Spareribs with Turnip and Spring Cabbage  P.72
32) Chiuyang Stir-fried Pork with Plum Sauce   P.74
33) Simmered Spareribs with Plums  P.76
34) Simmered Spareribs with Bergamot   P.78
35) Stir-fried Diced Pork in Chilli Sauce P.80
36) Crisp Deep-fried Chicken with Assortments   P.82
37) Diced Chicken and Broccoli with Assortments  P.84
38) Pig ' s Offal with Pickles  P.86
39) Spicy Pork Belly P.88
40) Stir-fried Chicken with Szechuan Pepper P.90
41) Baked Chicken with Bean Sauce  P.92
42) Stewed Pigeon with Straw Mushrooms  P.94



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Product Name : Chiu Chau Dishes 9621431077
Model : 9789621431073
Brand : 萬里機構 Wan Li Book
Shipping Unit : 2.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 03 December, 2005
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