04 December, 2020
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Trendy Dim Sum in Hong Kong 9789621443175

萬里機構 Wan Li Book

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Information Below:
Dim Sum in Hong Kong
This is the book full of creative and surprising dim-sum.
 Trendy Dim Sum in Hong Kong 9789621443175  Trendy Dim Sum in Hong Kong 9789621443175  Trendy Dim Sum in Hong Kong 9789621443175
 Trendy Dim Sum in Hong Kong 9789621443175  Trendy Dim Sum in Hong Kong 9789621443175  Trendy Dim Sum in Hong Kong 9789621443175
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Out of Print!  PLEASE DON’T ORDER!  For Reference Only! 


Title (English) : Trendy Dim Sum in Hong Kong
Title (Chinese) : 頂級點心師:香港潮點心
ISBN : 9789621443175
Author / Translator : Kent Wong Kin Yum / Tracy
Publisher / Pub. Date : Wan Li Book Co Ltd. / 2010/8
Pages / Size : 128 Pages / 185mm (W) × 260mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 頂級點心師


About thsi book:

This book is the revised version of the book Excellent Dim Sum 9789621439611" .  

Reference webpage:  



"How to make excellent dim-sum? "  Follow your heart and eager to change will be the answers. You should remember, make differences, make better than the others, change when others make good products. Make according to the speciality of each food to jut out its speciality.
Creativity is the most important key to be a successful chef. Create your own product with unique style, name and structure. Have your original ideas and give surprise to others.
This is the book full of creative and surprising dim-sum.




P.2 Preface
P.6 Crispy Dim Sum
P.8 Deep-fried Foie Gras with Bean Curd
P.10 Crispy Seafood and Vegetables Cakes
P.12 Smoked Roasted Goose in Rolls
P.14 Mango & Prawn Roll
P.16 Steamed Mini-buns with Assorted Vegetables
P.18 XO Sauce Pancakes
P.20 Crispy BBQ Pork Buns
P.22 Braised Spare-ribs with Olive Sauce
P.24 Crispy Bean Curds in Stewing Sauce
P.26 Braised Big Fish Head with Chuanxiong Rhizome
P.28 Lingnan Lychee-like Lotus Seed Bun
P.30 Chrysanthenum Shaped Pastry with Lotus Seed Puree
P.32 Pangolin Shaped Pastry with Taro Puree 
P.34 Phoenix Eye Nut Pastry
P.36 Salmon & Cheese Pastry
P.38 Baked Dim Sum
P.40 Crab-shaped Sesame Pie
P.42 Abalone & Mushrooms Pie
P.44 Arrow Head Shaped Pastry with Egg Custard
P.46 Turtle Shaped Pastry with Lotus Seed Puree
P.48 Hainan-styled Pepper & Pork Pastry
P.50 Fortune Ham & Pork Pastry
P.52 Chicken & Garlic Pastry Roll
P.54 Steamed Dim Sum
P.56  Pork Dumplings with Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Shark Fins and Fish Bladder
P.58 Pea-shaped Shrimp Dumpling
P.60 Shark's Fin Dumplings with Water Chestnut
P.62 Horseshoe Crab Dumplings
P.64 Squid and Seafood Dumplings
P.66 Shrimp Dumplings in Butterfly Shape
P.68 Button Mushroom Dumplings
P.70 Porcihi Glutinous Rice Dumplings in Pomegranate Shape
P.72 Black Truffle Shaomai
P.74 Abalone Shaomai
P.76 Barbecued Pork Bun with Oyster Sauce & Honey
P.80 Glutinous Rice Rolls
P.82 Taro and Pumpkin Cake
P.84 Seafood Radish Cake
P.86 Steamed Sponge Cake
P.88 Lunjiao Dual-coloured Cake
P.90 Bird's Nest Dumplings in Bamboo Fungus Broth
P.92 Cuttlefish Dumplings in Broth
P.94 Catathelasma Mushroom Soup Dumplings 
P.96 Yunnan Mushroom Xiaolongbao
P.98 Dried Seafood and Glutinous Rice Balls
P.100 Fortune Ham Sandwich
P.102 Pork Ribs Soup with Preserved Buddha's Hand Citron
P.104 Egg White Pudding with Bird's Nest and Milk
P.106 Cold Dim Sum
P.108 Tea and Grapefruit Pudding
P.110 Osmanthus Fragran and Red Bean Pudding
P.112 Osmanthus Fragran and Pea Pudding with Wine
P.114 Green Tea Glutinous Rice Balls
P.116 Crystal Custard Tart
P.118 Tri-coloured Petite Pudding
P.120 Almond & Oatmeal Pudding
P.122 Maltiflower Knotweed & Sesame Roll
P.124 Mango Jelly Strips
P.126 Cointreau Marshmallows in Rabbit Shape




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Product Name : Trendy Dim Sum in Hong Kong 9789621443175
Model : 9789621443175
Brand : 萬里機構 Wan Li Book
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 24 September, 2010
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