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Maria's Kitchen 1 : Soup 9628888056

嘉出版 Characters Publications

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Chinese Cookbook

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Title (English) : Maria's Kitchen 1 : Soup
Title (Chinese) : 私房滋補湯 
ISBN : 9628888056
Author / Translator : Maria Cordero 
Publisher / Pub. Date : Characters Pub / 2005/2
Pages / Size : 116 Pages / 185mm (W) × 235mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese / Indonesian
Series :  Maria's Kitchen


4 Foreword   
5 Editor's    
6 8 New Tastes of Dippings 
10 Chicken Soup with American Ginseng and Red Dates   
12 Qin Bu Liang and Lean Pork Soup  
14 Qin Bu Liang Soup with Conch Slices and Pork Bones 
16 Apple and Snow Pear Soup with Pork Shank   
18 American Ginseng and Lotus Seed Soup with Lily Bulb and Pork Bones 
20 Apple and Snow Pear Soup with Pi Pa Pork Bones      
22 Chestnut and Sweet Corn Soup with Duck Kidneys  
24 Giant Conch Soup with Sha Shen and Yu Zhu      
26 Green Turnip and Carrot Soup with Pork Shank    
28 Hairy Gourd Soup with Dried Octopus and Lean Pork   
30 Snow Fungus and Fig Soup with Pork Shank  
32 Tomato and Potato Soup with Pork Shank    
34 Sea Coconut and Snow Pear Soup with Pork Shank      
36 American Ginseng and Apple Soup with Pork Shank   
38 Chicken Soup with Green Turnip and Carrot   
40 Carrot and Chestnut Soup with Dang Shen  
42 Beef Soup with Tomato and Potato   
44 Lotus Root and Spare Ribs Soup with Dried Octopus and Black Moss  
46 Dried Vegetable and Bak Choy Soup with Pork Shank 
48 Monkey Head Mushroom and Winter Melon Soup with Conch Slices   
50 Peanut black Eye bean and Chciken Feet Soup with Lean Pork    
52 Winter Melon Soup with Dried Scallop and Lean Pork     
54 Honey Dew Soup with Pork Shank and Chinese Almond    
56 Sweet Corn and Carrot Soup with Chayote      
58 Old Cucumber Pork Shank Soup   
60 Hairy Gourd Soup with Huai Shan and Chi Shi  
62 Luo Han Guo and Lingzhi Lean Pork Soup         
64 Fresh Lily Bulb and Chayote Soup   
66 Water Cress Soup with Duck Kidney and Pork Shank   
68 Monkey Head Mushroom Soup with Shark Fin Bone    
70 Kudzu and Spare Rib Soup    
72 Ox Tail Soup with Carrot and Tomato     
74 Pork Lung Soup with Dried Vegetable and Bak Choy      
76 Big Eye Fish Soup with Pappya and Peanut      
78 Water Cress and Snake Head Fish Soup   
80 Dace Soup with Kudzu and Black Moss   
82 Fish Head Soup with Bean Curd and Chinese Mustard   
84 White Turnip fish Soup  
86 Bamboo Silk Chicken Soup with Red Dates Ginseng 
88 Mango Seed and Duck Kidney Soup   
90 Dang Shen and Turtle Soup      
92 Bitter Gourd and Dried Oyster Soup   
94 Hicken Soup with Dangui Head     
96 Bitter Gourd and Spare Rib Soup  
98 Mutton Soup with Dang Shen and Bei Qi  
100 Daffar Makanan  
115 Fansclub Application Form    



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Product Name : Maria's Kitchen 1 : Soup 9628888056
Model : 9789628888054
Brand : 嘉出版 Characters Publications
Shipping Unit : 3.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 17 January, 2006
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