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Nutrimental Edible Mushrooms Recipes 9621427843

萬里機構 Wan Li Book

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Information Below:

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Title (English) : Nutrimental Edible Mushrooms Recipes 
Title (Chinese) : 天下珍味之營養菇菌
ISBN : 9621427843
Author / Translator : Ling Suk Ha (甯淑霞)
Publisher / Pub. Date : Wan Li Book / 2004/2
Pages / Size : 111 Pages / 143mm (W) × 210mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : Modern Kitchen




Foreword P.3
Preface P. 4
Edible Mushrooms Description P. 10
Seafood in Wax Gourd P. 22
Chicken beancurd Ball Soup P. 24
Mixed Mushrooms with Vegetable Soup P. 26
Hot and Sour Soup P. 28
Monkey-head mushroom with Abalone and Chicken Soup P. 30
Brown Swordbelt with Beef Soup P. 32
Mussel and Trumpet Mushroom in Cream Soup P. 34
Mixed Straw Mushrooms with Gingko Soup P. 36
Glossy Ganoderma Soup P. 38
Button Mushroom in Milk P. 40
Starter and Appetizer
Mushrooms Vermicelli Salad P. 42
Mushrooms Barbecue P. 44
Mushroom Stuffed with Mashed Taro P. 46
Sesame in Wooden Fungus P. 48
Roast Big Mushroom with Vegetable P. 50
Toast with Cheese and Mushroom P. 52
Fish Dumpling with Nut and Mushroom P. 54
Black White Cendol P. 56
Seafood , Poultry and Meat
Fish with Coral Mushroom P. 58
Roast Salmon with Mushrooms P. 60
Braised Grass Carp with Ox Liver Mushroom and Conpoy P. 62
Fish Roll with Fresh Mushroom Paste P. 64
Stuffed Squid with Pork Belly Mushroom P. 66
Mussel with Black Fungus in a Bowl P. 68
Sauteed Shrimp with Abalone Mushroom and Bean Sprout P. 70
Turnip Cup P. 72
Stir-fried Monkey Head Mushroom with Crab Fillet and Cabbage P. 74
Chicken and Mushroom in Herbs P. 76
Green Head Mushroom with Olive Vegetable and Pork P. 78
Sweet Pork with Drumstick Mushroom P. 80
Braised Gold Mushroom with Seasonal Vegetable P. 82
Maitake Mushroom with lced Beancurd P. 84
Wax Gourd with Mushroom in Fermented Sauce P. 86
Chicken Mushroom with Salted Egg P. 88
Stewed Eringi Mushroom with Roasted Pork Belly P. 90
Sauteed Pak Ling Mushroom with XO Sauce P. 92
Stir-fried Coloured Crown Coral Mushroom P. 94
Stuuffed Bamboo Fungus with Vegetables P. 96
Mushroom with Pineapple P. 98
Button Mushroom with Curry P. 100
Baked Eggplant P. 102
Button Mushroom and Honey Bean in White Sauce P. 104
Congee , Noodle and Rice
Stir-fried Rice with Mushrooms P. 106
Mushrooms Noodle in Soup P. 108
Mushrooms Congee P. 110




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Product Name : Nutrimental Edible Mushrooms Recipes 9621427843
Model : 9789621427847
Brand : 萬里機構 Wan Li Book
Shipping Unit : 2.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 03 November, 2005
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