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Nourishing Soups for the Lungs 9882020291

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Information Below:
Soups Cookbook

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Title (English) : Nourishing Soups for the Lungs
Title (Chinese) : 清心潤肺靚湯
ISBN : 9882020291
Author / Translator : Fung Lai_Chu
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2003/7
Pages / Size : 95 Pages / 135mm (W) × 212mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 彩色食譜系列


About this book:

Our vitality was sapped physically, mentally and economically by the recent SARS outbreak. It's time for us to regulate our bodies in order to improve our health and strengthen the immune system. This book is divided into four parts, namely: Promote Liver-Qi and Expel Heat; Clear the Lungs and Eliminate Sputum; Expel Dampness and Detoxify; Nourish the Lungs and Strengthen the Body. Just choose the appropriate soup according to your needs and regain your good health and defend yourself against disease.


  Promote Liver-Qi
6 Star Fruit, Pear and Beef Soup
8 Watermelon, Couchgrass Root and Sweet Corn Soup
10 Selfheal Spike, Apple and Sapodilla Soup
12 Dried Beancurd Stick, Dried Chinese White Cabbage and Duck's Gizzard Soup
14 Bu Zha Ye, Selfheal Spike and Pear Soup
16 Watercress, Apple and Duck's Heart Soup
18 Luo Han Guo, Dried chinese White Cabbage and Loquat Soup
20 Ye Xiang Hua and Winter Melon Soup
22 Pueraria Root, Papaya and Pork Soup
  Clear the Lungs
26 Almond, Pumpkin and Sea Coconut Soup
28 Mature Cucumber, Sea Coconut and Lotus Seed Soup
30 Lotus Root, Water Chestnut and Loquat Soup
32 Radish, Apple and Beef Soup
34 Sapodilla, Qi Zi and Papaya Soup
36 Long Li Ye, Red Rose Apple and Pear Soup
38 Dried Triangular Cactus, Loquat Leaf and Papaya Soup
40 Dried Chinese White Cabbage, Papaya and Shimeji Mushroom Soup
42 Candied Tangerine and Mature Cucuber Soup
44 Coconut, Dried Lily Bulb and Beef Soup
46 Watercress, Dried Persimmon and Dried Lily Bulb Soup
48 Pine Nut, Beancurd and Big Eye Fish Soup
50 Chinese Cordyceps, Sapodilla and Chicken Soup
54 Chan Cai, Carrot and Beef Soup
56 Pear, Carrot, Burdock and Pork Soup
58 Chinese Parsley, Pear and Fish Fillet Soup
60 Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae, Green Bean and Chicken's Feet Soup
62 Ganodorma Lucidum, Beetroot and Lean Pork Soup
64 Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae, Brow Bean and Quail Soup
66 Bitter Gourd, Chestnut and Lean Pork Soup
68 Bombax Flower, Black Brow Bean and Dusk Soup
70 Honeysuckle and Loquat Soup
  Nourish the Lungs
74 Peach, White Fungus and Dried Lily Bulb Soup
76 Carrot, Pumpkin, Leek and Button Mushroom Soup
78 Beancurd Sheet, Apple and Black-skinned Chicken Soup
80 American Ginseng, Honeydew Melon and Ostrich Meat Soup
82 Red Kidney Bean and Walnut Soup
84 Sugar Cane, Honeydew Melon and Conch Soup
86 Chineese Spinach, Dried Lily Bulb and Hyacinth Bean Soup
88 Chestnut, Dried Lily Bulb and Chicken Soup
90 Red Date, Abalone and Shin of Pork Soup
92 Beetroot, Sugar Cane and Couchgrass Root Soup
94 Okra, Carrot and Beef Soup


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Product Name : Nourishing Soups for the Lungs 9882020291
Model : 9789882020290
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 2.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 25 January, 2006
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