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Home » Categories » ONLINE BOOKSTORE » FOOD & DRINK » Health » 9789882026872
Eat Light 9789882026872

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Price HKD$78


Information Below:
Eat healthy recipes
Obesity is just like a traffic jam in the body. For good health, clear up your body!
 Eat Light 9789882026872  Eat Light 9789882026872  Eat Light 9789882026872
 Eat Light 9789882026872  Eat Light 9789882026872  Eat Light 9789882026872
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Title (English) : Eat Light
Title (Chinese) : 纖體健康美饌
ISBN : 9789882026872
Author / Translator : David ChanMarcel ChanMylene Khoo
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2010 / 6
Pages / Size : 128 Pages / 190mm (W) × 250mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Paperback / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series :  

About this book:

Obesity is just like a traffic jam in the body. Accumulation of fat hinders blood circulation, hence many problems appear: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke, sleep apnea syndrome, gall stones, arthritis and varix.

Statistic 1: Obese women (waistline over 31.5") suffer from a 3.3 times higher risk of high blood pressure, a 4 times higher risk of diabetes and a double risk of heart diseases than normal.

Statistic 2: Obese men (waistline over 35.4") suffer from a 3 times higher risk of high blood pressure, a 2 times higher risk of diabetes and a 20% higher risk of heart diseases than normal.

For good health, clear up your body!


Analysis of Overweight Problem
6 Are you overweight? How heavy are you?
9 Harmful Effacts of Gaining Too Much Weight
10 Do you gain weight with no reason?
12 Four Keys of Losing Weight
20 Nutrients' Functions and Amounts Needed Daily
24 Simple Vegetarian Egg Noddles
26 Cheese Pancake with Apple Pulp
28 Spinach and Potato Chinese Crepe
30 Baked Crispy Spring Rolls with Banana and Yoghurt
32 Ham and Egg Pita Rolls
34 Mango and Chicken Sandwich
36 Mushrooms, Cheese and Pork Chop Burger
38 Corn, Whitebait and Oats Congee
40 Fusilli in Russian Borsch Soup
44 Steamed Eggs with Soybean Milk
46 Fried Beef with Lily Bulbs and Peach
48 Stir-fried Soba in Korean Style
50 Stir-fried beef with Garlic, Konnyaku and Snap Beans
52 Chicken and Lychees Salad in Lime Dressing
54 Simmered Chicken with Tian Dong and Rice Wine
56 Jade Marrow, Black Mushrooms and Chicken Rice in Soup
58 Braised Pork Chop with Plums and Mushrooms
60 Lettuce Rolls Stuffed with Multi-grains
62 Bitter and Sweet Chicken
66 Farfalle with Pumpkin and Seafood
68 Braised Vegetable with Ginkgoes in Soup
70 Baked Multi-grains with Cheese
72 Steamed Ling Fish with Silver Ear Fungi in Lotus Leaf
74 Simmered Beef Shank with Chinese Prickly Ash in Soy Sauce
76 Chicken Shreds with Qi Zi and Dang Gui
78 Steamed Minced Pork with Fu Ling and Water Chestnuts
80 Salmon Salad with Bell Peppers
82 Tom Yum Fish in Thai Style
84 Pan-fried Eggs with Bitter Melon and Shark's Fin
88 Fat-buming Walnuts Soup
90 Tomato Soup with Garlic
92 Fungi and Beancurd Thick Soup
94 Crystal Clear Crabs Soup
96 Skin-nourishing Sea Cucumber Soup with Egg Drops
98 Fish Maw Soup with Black Mushrooms and White Fungi
100 Low-fat Mushrooms and Potato Mash Soup
102 Clams Soup in Japanese Style
104 Turnip Soup for Lowering Indigestion and Fat
108 High-fibre Red Kidney Beans and Osmanthus Jelly
110 Chinese Pearl Barley, Persimmon and Sago Sweet Soup
112 Blueberries and Oats Yogurt
114 Asparagus and Shrimps Rolls
116 Baked Shrimp Toast
118 White Omelets with Salsa
120 Kiwi Fruits and Tomatoes in Balsamic Vinegar
122 Chick Peas and Tabouli Salad with Parsley
124 Baked Potatoes with Cheese and Beef



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Product Name : Eat Light 9789882026872
Model : 9789882026872
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 04 December, 2010
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