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Kitty Choi's Kitchen 9789882026186

海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing

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Price HKD$78


Information Below:
Kitty Choi's Recipes
From now on, you too could replicate her exquisite cooking at your own home.
 Kitty Choi's Kitchen 9789882026186  Kitty Choi's Kitchen 9789882026186  Kitty Choi's Kitchen 9789882026186
 Kitty Choi's Kitchen 9789882026186  Kitty Choi's Kitchen 9789882026186  Kitty Choi's Kitchen 9789882026186
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Title (English) : Kitty Choi's Kitchen
Title (Chinese) : 蔡家廚房
ISBN : 9789882026186
Author / Translator : Kitty Choi
Publisher / Pub. Date : Seashore Publishing / 2009/3
Pages / Size : 136 Pages / 216mm (W) × 202mm (H)
Binding / Printing : Hardcover / Colour
Language : English / Traditional Chinese
Series : 蔡潔儀嘗樂坊

About this book:

A talented and thoughtful chef with in-depth understanding about ingredients and cooking methods. Ms Kitty Choi is the mastermind behind countless delectable recipes. From authentic, nostalgic dishes deeply rooted in tradition to novelty creations with her very own signature touch; Kitty's food never fails to impress.

Kitty has been a diligent and popular cookbook author for years. For the very first time, she hand-picked the "most wanted" recipes from her "private menu" and put them together in this collection. From now on, you too could replicate her exquisite cooking at your own home. Let's go on this culinary journey where a great many mouthwatering surprises await at every turn.


8 Prawn cold appetizer with pine nuts
10 Sliced pork belly and thick mung bean sheet in garlic dressing
12 Sliced abalone over ice
14 Blanched Indian lettuce over ice
15 Cuttlefish cold appetizer in spicy dressing
16 Ginseng wine-marinated squabs
18 Spicy wine-marinated whelks on ice
20 Wine-marinated pork trotters
22 Bacon and plantain roll
23 Coconut curry seafood egg custard tarts
26 Crabmeat and cream sauce vol-au-vents
28 Prawn vol-au-vents
30 Oatmeal crepe with chicken and assorted vegetables
32 Rice-stuffed squids in tomato sauce
34 Stir-fried chitterlings with glass noodles in korean kimchi sauce
38 Sweet sour and spicy salmon steak in thai style
40 Braised eel with chestnuts and garlic cloves
43 Sichuan-style eel and pork in lotus leaf
46 Steamed coiled eel in black bean sauce with red chilli
48 Fried grouper fillet in tangy fruit sauce
50 Stir-fried squids with minced pork
52 Zhu Sheng with crabmeat and pea sprouts
54 Stir-fried prawns in Nonya sauce
56 Abalones in white radish cups
58 Braised pork belly with abalones
60 Steamed fish tripe meatballs
62 Steamed egg custard with sea urchin
63 Blanced fish in vinegar sauce
64 Tea-smoked pomfret
66 Mandarin fish and bitter melon in black bean sauce
68 Fried rice with seafood and shark's fins
74 Braised spareribs with apple fritters 
75 Braised pork trotters in spicy plum wine sauce
78 Double-steamed pork belly with ginseng
80 Braised pork belly in osmanthus and honey bean sauce
82 Roasted pork ribs in sorghum wine sauce
84 Spareribs in Cointreau orange sauce
86 Stewed pork trotter with mei cai and arrowheads
88 Roasted rack of lamb in specialty sauce
90 Chicken in Thai-style bean sauce
92 Steamed chicken in spice ginger powder
94 Crispy roasted duck in spicy beer sauce
96 Tea-smoked duck
98 Baked chicken wings stuffed with minced shrimps
100 Braised shiitake mushrooms with duck feet
104 Monkey head mushrooms with assorted vegetables
106 Five-colour vegetarian assortment
108 Vegetable duo with shredded ham in dense stock
110 Leafy greens with fried garlic cloves and preserved egg duo
112 Braised E-fu noodles with crabmeat and eggplant
116 Tom Yum soup with shark's fins and seafood
118 Pork lung almond milk soup
120 Fish and spinach thick soup
122 Minced wintermelon with bird's nest and crabmeat
124 Sha Guo congee in Xuzhou style
126 Mango glutinous rice dessert in straw basket
128 Ginseng rice cakes in bowls
130 Baked sago pudding with lotus paste
132 Melons with syrup



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Product Name : Kitty Choi's Kitchen 9789882026186
Model : 9789882026186
Brand : 海濱圖書公司 Seashore Publishing
Shipping Unit : 4.00 S_Weight
Date Added : 30 August, 2009
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